translated from Spanish: SEP suspends evaluations of teachers, admissions and promotions

The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) reported that from this Thursday is suspended any magisterial evaluation, the processes of admission, promotion and recognition, as well as all the provisions contained in the General Law of professional service Teacher.
As part of the new provision, the secondary laws, regulations, agreements and general provisions contrary to the National education Agreement are also without effect, said the federal unit in a statement.
Lee: These are the main points of education reform
It indicated that only the provisions that empower the current national coordination of the professional Teaching service to provide the necessary measures and to comply with the processes derived from the professional teaching service will remain in force.
As part of this reform, the processes of admission, promotion and recognition are also suspended until the corresponding legal provisions are issued and the Congress of the Union issues the law for the creation of the system for the career of the teachers and the Teachers.
The Ministry of Education reiterated that the application of this decree will respect the rights of teachers, which may not be restricted or affected retroactively with the new provisions.
He indicated that the new provisions came into force after the publication-on Wednesday-in the Official Gazette of the Federation of the Decree reforming articles 3, 31 and 73 of the Constitution, and to reach its approval in most of the State congresses.
The SEP said that through the national coordination of the professional Teaching service will be attentive to receive any information to ensure full compliance with the decree and advance in the implementation of the National Education Agreement.
Lee: CNTE marches against new educational reform; Says it’s a patched law
The National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) is in favor of the educational reform proposed by the President as they say, contains 80% of their proposals presented during the forums held by the federal government and the legislature.
However, the national Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) rejects it.
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