translated from Spanish: V Caravan «Looking to find», left 40 new cases of disappearance in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.-40 new documented cases of disappearance in Michoacan, a positive in the Semefo of Zitácuaro, 4 allegations of human rights violations and the finding of a new clandestine pit with 43 skeletal remains, were the results that threw the V Caravan of missing relatives «looking to find».
Mercedes Guadalupe Ruiz, spokesperson for the collective «families walking for justice», informed the media that the documentation of 40 new cases of disappearance are added to the more than 300 cases that have been registered since 2003, however said That there are many situations the same as non-complaints relatives, revealing the mistrust of the population in the institutions of justice.
On the discovery of a new clandestine pit was explained that was located in the town of Tizupa, in the municipality of Aquila; In it, 43 bone remains were recovered, three signs corresponding to the casings, buttons, coins, shoes and clothing.
Guadalupe Ruiz reported that the entity Michoacan is in the fifth place nationwide in number of missing, being also one of the states where it has been done less search for missing persons.
«There is no region of Michoacán where there are no pits or missing.»
The spokesperson for the collective called for the sensitization of the authorities, especially the feds, as evidenced by the absence of the National Search Commission and the Sub-Secretariat for Human Rights.
During the caravan participated 24 groups from the states of Michoacán, Guerrero, Estado de Mexico, CDMX, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato Jalisco and Veracruz.

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