translated from Spanish: Was there a homage to a religious leader in fine arts?

On the night of May 15th, an operatic concert was held at the Palace of Fine Arts called «The Guardian of the Mirror», which also intended to pay homage to the religious Nahshon Joaquín García, leader of the Church of the light of the world.
The Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico (APEM), who convened, disseminated it as an artistic event, but the promotional posters mentioned Joaquín García as «apostle of Jesus Christ».
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After noticing that the enclosure was used for a religious message, the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) denied having failed to comply with its own rule, since it said that the Convention for the use of the main hall was made at the request of the senator of the party Green Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) Rogelio Zamora Guzmán, and that it was agreed only a «Cultural and artistic Musical representation, free».
According to the INBAL, the legislator made the request to use the enclosure «on official paper and as a member of the LXIV Legislature, and as members of the Committee on Frontier and Migratory Affairs».

We’re on gala, we’re happy!
First great concert of the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico, in the Palace of Fine Arts, bedecked with the company of the Symphony Orchestra of the Navy.
It’s #TiempoDeProsperidad.
— Israel Zamora Guzmán (@IsraelZamora_) May 14, 2019

The institute said to have reviewed and verified the artistic proposal, based on the «established procedures» and with the participation of the chorus of the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico; The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Navy Secretariat and 11 opera singers.
«The rehearsals of singers and orchestra were carried out without at any time pointing out any phrase with a religious sense, nor mentioning the pretended homage», points out the positioning.
He also said that it was fulfilled with a payment agreed for 185,413 pesos, but denied that this homage was made within the palace, as the activity «was cancelled by the management to contravene the artistic norm governing the use of the Palace of Fine Arts.»

The INBAL will not allow any activity that violates the institutionality of its cultural enclosures.
More information:
— National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (@bellasartesinba) May 16, 2019

The INBAL argued that the intention to make a religious homage was «last minute», but was not allowed, although those who convened the event informed their followers on social networks that this activity would take place.
«The INBAL will not allow any activity that violates the institutionality of its cultural enclosures. The Institute reserves the right to proceed legally, since it was intended to use a public infrastructure for purposes other than those that had been authorized and which violate the secular character of the state, «he said.
The association of professionals and businessmen of Mexico also denied having paid homage to Nahshon Joaquín García inside the Palacio de Fine arts, which was only one «guest more», and was granted a private recognition in the Spanish Casino, after Finish the concert.

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