translated from Spanish: Alfredo Arias said he did not quote Herrera at the request of Archer himself

The coach of University of Chile, Alfredo Arias, referred this Friday to the absence of captain and goalkeeper Johnny Herrera for the superclassic of tomorrow with Colo Colo, by date 13 of the national championship 2019, surprising by saying that “I agreed to his request not to be Quoted. ”
Although at the beginning of the week Herrera had expressed his desire to be under the three poles before the ‘ Cacique ‘, saying that “I die to be on the court and play the classic”, the strategist of Origin Uruguayan said today another thing.
At a press conference in the CDA, Arias stated that “the decision as to why I left it the first time outside I said it was technical and now it’s still technical. Why isn’t he quoted? The explanation deserves the trajectory and the person who is Johnny. ”
“Out of respect for the trajectory I agreed to his request not to be quoted while he thought he could contribute to the campus from another position. And I agreed to that, “added the U trainer, who lives his last moments at the club.
Meanwhile, the other strategist of Santiago Wanderers referred to the rumors that mention that will leave the bank of the cast collegiate, even beating the pupils of Mario Salas in Ñuñoa.
“The decision is not up to me, it depends on another always (…) In this case, as I have said every week, it is logical that the situation we are thinking, and can be decided in that way… But my job isn’t that. It’s not thinking whether I’m going to be or not, “he said.
“I’m proud, happy to be here, and I do my job,” said the native in Shangrilá, 60 years old.
When talking about the ‘ derby ‘ with the Albos, where with a win the ‘ U ‘ could leave the area of descent, Arias pointed out that “we will go out to win, as has always been. To win, and we won’t speculate. ”
“As long as I’m here, nobody gives up, nobody bends their heads and tomorrow we go out to find the result, we’re going to win,” he complemented.
In addition, the Blue technician confirmed the return in front of Angelo Henríquez, one of the surprises in the eleven to measure the Subleader of the tournament.
“It’s going to be headline. They have very good information. He’s earned it and it’s my decision. He has a past and that is very important, I have tried to remind him of his past. It is the same that has scored goals in important situations, “he said.
The ‘ U ‘ would form in the superclassic with Fernando de Paul; Matías Rodríguez, Lucas Aveldaño, Rodrigo Echeverría and Jean Beausejour; Rafael Rocan, Gonzalo Espinoza and Nicolás Oroz; Sebastian Ubilla, Leandro Benegas and Angelo Henríquez.

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