translated from Spanish: Batwoman’s trailer reveals the first gay superhero on TV

Back in 2012, DC Comics kicked off its own TV universe with Arrow, a series that promised little and yet achieved the audience levels needed to have its own spin-off. Today the “Arrowverse” has four own series on the CW and every now and then connect for a big television event called crossover, which brings together its protagonists in a common narrative. Last December, appeared for the first time in the crossover “Elseworlds” the character of Batwoman, embodied by the popular Ruby Rose. That would be just the first step in ordering the pilot episode of his own series, the fifth of this television universe and the first to be starring a lesbian heroine. The new trailer released ahead of the story of Kate Kane, a former soldier who returns to Gotham after a hard training and his low in the army due to his sexuality, explained in flashback scenes.
The fact that she is an openly gay superhero is something I would have loved to see on TV as a girl, and it was a decisive factor when it came to knowing why I was passionate about the role.

This first trailer quickly won the approval of fans, eager for new stories starring Superheroines and greater representation on the screen. However, the announcement of the actress chosen to embody one of the most emblematic heroines of the LGBTIQ community also caused some controversy and a few months ago she withdrew from the nets. Ruby Rose is publicly identified as a lesbian and fluid genre, comes from a career as a model and played a very popular role in the series Orange is the New black. He already wore action heroine in John Wick 2, Megalodon and the sequel to XXX alongside genre figures such as Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Keanu Reeves.

Ruby Rose closed her Twitter account after the comments received, but still posting on Instagram

Batwoman’s story begins three years after the disappearance of Batman, when Kate Kane returns to Gotham to protect the city from the wave of thugs and psychopaths that terrorize their inhabitants. With a tragic past and a new family assembled, Kate joins forces with her stepsister and with Luke Fox, the son of the famous technological genius behind the Bati-artifacts of the hood. When you ask her to fit the Batman outfit for a woman, she should also add some of her own touches to give her personal stamp.
I’m not going to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.

The series marks a milestone of representation for the LGBTIQ community in the adaptations, as Batwoman will be the first lesbian superhero to star in his own series. While Marvel recently announced the incorporation of a gay character in its Phase 4, after a decade of superheroes and heterosexual heroines, Greg Berlanti-The creative genius behind this universe-continues to gain ground for a more diverse and inclusive fiction.

In the first trailer you can see Kate Kane in Action, founded in the Bati-suit that fits you perfect

Batwoman will be in charge of the showrunner Caroline Dries, who already has experience in other successful fictions of the CW chain like The Vampire Diaries and Smallville. The producers advanced that Batwoman will be part of the next mega-crossover between the five series of the Arrowverse, before it ends definitively the series that gave beginning to everything, after eight seasons. In this note:

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