translated from Spanish: Jorge Bernal attacks against Geraldine Bazán

Geraldine Bazán In a recent meeting with various media, did not enter into details of his alleged romance with the actor Santiago Ramundo. In front of this the driver of the soup, Jorge Bernal, severely criticized the ex-wife of Gabriel Soto. ” They have no idea anything, I have handled it like this and I do not need to clarify anything and so we will leave, “said Geraldine Bazán in a sharp way, when asked about his relationship with Santiago Ramundo.

In front of this Jorge Bernal made his disagreement with the words of the actress. It did not seem right that after having vented intimate details of his life through his YouTube channel, now so discreetly.
We have to wait a videito of yours on Youtube doing little horns to find out what’s going on, please respect the public Gera.

Carolina Sandoval came out in defense of Geraldine Bazán: “What is happening to you Jorge Bernal? Don’t mess with Geraldine. ”
The most tense moment between the two came when Carolina Sandoval asked his partner to drop the soup how many followers he has on his Youtube channel. “You have not reached 100,000 subscribers,” he said in reference to the more than 400,000 followers of the actress. I am not Geraldine Bazán and I am happily married, “replied Jorge Bernal making a clear allusion to the divorce of the actress.

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