translated from Spanish: Maduro defended its offer of dialogue before the EU-led contact Group

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has received representatives of the International Contact Group promoted by the European Union, among them the Secretary of State for International cooperation for Spanish Ibero-America, Juan Pablo de la Iglesia, and has Moved its readiness to establish a dialogue «without external conditioning or interference».
The meeting took place at the Palacio de Miraflores, the seat of the Venezuelan presidency, and aimed to «find solutions» to the current political crisis, according to a statement released by the office of Maduro. In addition to Spain, the meeting also has been represented Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay and the EU.
Maduro has advocated «a mechanism of national dialogue without external conditioning or interference» that allows progress towards «political understanding» and guarantees both peace and «economic recovery», although the communiqué does not pick up any allusion to the Mediation attempts to be carried out in Norway.
The members of the contact group have also met with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who has warned them that it will lead to «the last consequences» the complaint for the «invasion» of the embassy in Washington. The American authorities.

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