translated from Spanish: On the day Against Homophobia, the UN urges combating violence and discrimination

World.-On the International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and Biphobia, this May 17, the United Nations called for a culture of inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.
The UN ‘ Free and Equal ‘ campaign pointed out that some consider this diversity to be a threat and thus try to justify, mistakenly, the use of violence and discrimination to protect their beliefs.
But culture and tradition do not give license to abuses, stresses the world body.
On the occasion of the date, the UN urged support for a culture of equality and justice rather than one of hatred and repression.
For its part, the UNAIDS Office for Latin America and the Caribbean sought to generate the wellbeing of the gay, lesbian and transgender community, for its acronym LGBTi, in the families they grow up in.
“We have unfortunately verified, through several surveys and studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, that when there has been rejection, stigma, discrimination, they are more likely to leave the home, to have no access to education, unfortunately also not to protect themselves from Have a sexual encounter, “said César Núñez, UNAIDS Regional director.
A group of UN experts also referred to this aspect of the problem. The rapporteurs urged States to protect children and adolescents with different gender identity from discrimination, violence and stigma. They urged them to promote more support within their families.
Source: UN

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