translated from Spanish: «The Anatomy Lesson», the transcendent play came to the cinema

In 1972 Carlos Mathus presented for the first time in Buenos Aires his provocative play «The Anatomy Lesson». Provocative, intimate and majestic, the proposal transcended internationally and was represented by more than three uninterrupted decades of success. The directors Agustín Kazah and Pablo Arévalo arrived on Thursday May 16th to the cinemas with a film about the renowned staging that enshrined Mathus as a theatrical author. This documentary explores the privacy of the director. At 77 years old, Mathus wonders whether this creation of juvenile rebellion is still in force and embarks on the adventure of reopening the work of his life.

«The Anatomy Lesson» was represented by more than three uninterrupted decades of success. Many actors today distinguished, began their careers working on this work. Some of them were: Carlos «Carlín» Calvo, Daniel Fanego, Gustavo Garzón, Esther Goris, Virginia Innocenti, among others. «‘ Lesson ‘, as his own author called it, is enough to write a literary and audiovisual encyclopedia. He has so many anecdotes, applause and polemics as words every actor recites. But, however, one could find them only in the imaginary collective of the people who had seen or heard her name. There was no record to portray so much history, «commented the directors.

They both began to wonder, «what can be done with this information? What can prevent his memory from falling into oblivion? And his answer came: «The answer was in front of us all the time: Mathus.» The perfect witness of the combination between history and work, between analysis and reflection, between creator and his creation. With Mathus we asegurábamos a faithful testimony of what was ‘ the anatomy lesson ‘ but we concentrate so much on wanting to save the legend, that we never imagined that discover Chuny, as the most close friends told him. To that person full of contradictions and love for life and theater. That person with whom everything would become an adventure, «they add.

Carlos Mathus, director of «The Anatomy Lesson»

«The Anatomy Lesson» can be seen in Cosmos UBA (Av. Corrientes 2046, CABA) at 16:10 and 21:40 hours and space INCAA Sala Gaumont (Av. Rivadavia 1635, CABA) at 12:30 and 20:00 hours.

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