translated from Spanish: Why Eva Longoria was emergency operated in Cannes

CANNES, France.-Eva Longoria was hospitalized and operated emergency two days before the start of the Cannes International film Festival. On Sunday 12 May the actress had to enter the hospital for a severe abdominal pain. According to Closer magazine, Eva Longoria suffered an appendicitis that forced her to be intervened in the operating room. The actress was in the glamorous city in order to present her film Dora and the Lost City, at the Festival de Cannes.
The actress began to suffer a severe stomach pain that stretched through the abdomen. His team, worried to see that the pain did not referred but worsened at high speed, called a doctor and after examining him he diagnosed appendicitis. She was rushed to the Simone-Veil hospital and operated on the same Sunday afternoon. Fortunately everything went very well and now Eva Longoria is recovering so well from the operation, which has been seen at the Cannes film Festival without lowering the pace of his work.

The American producer and businesswoman, has caused a sensation with the various outfits he has used on the red carpet of the acclaimed film Festival.

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