translated from Spanish: Ruggeri banced Zárate: «When you do the goal, I gritás and if I can, the Puteo»

The most piquant party of the normal that was lived in Brandsen 805, had Mauro Zárate as the highest point. Crosses with his former companions, free throw that almost and enters (and shouted before) and then a criminal converted laden with emotions where he burst with a cry to the grandstand and a blow to the chest. From there, the world of Velez felt as his ex-emblem continued to open the wound, to finish it with a sentence of stoning: «It happened that had to pass. He passed the big team. » From there, hundreds of criticisms were shot at Zárate, who found in Oscar Ruggeri an ally, who knew to be on his feet when he passed from Boca to River.

RUGGERI BANCED ZÁRATE: «I WIN THE GAME AND I COMMAND THE RE C… FROM HIS MOTHER «#90MinutosFOX-» live that and you will see how they react, «said the big head. «The kid’s out of the drowning. I quite agree with him, «he argued. — FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg)
May 17, 2019

«I quite agree with him,» began the «Big Head», at the surprise of his companions in 90 minutes, and continued. «None of you know what you live internally when things like that happen, when you decide to do a thing like the one that did it. All that you live: the threats, in the street. Nobody knows. » Remembering its history in the years 80 ‘, the world champion continued and let himself be carried away. «It happened to me too, then I didn’t have this possibility. To threaten your mistress, your children. No one Vivó’s. To my «Grandpa» wine… (José Barra, former leader of the Boca bar), went to find Nancy (his wife) in the garden where he went to work and followed her. »

«Then when you do the goal, I gritás it and desahogás it, and if I can puteo and recons Puteo. They burned my house with my mom, my dad and my grandmother. I play the game and beat them… But I command the mother’s re-concha to all. He’s a kid who’s drowned. Good boy, good family, they are not lunatics, «Ruggeri closed. Then he also dispatched with Vélez fans, led by the bar, for not having respected the Argentinian anthem, in the party of Ida. «The other day instead of singing the hymn, Putearon. Why didn’t the audience shut them down? In many stadiums they made everyone quiet, and they silence the popular, «he declared. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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