translated from Spanish: Suspension of private events in Palace of Fine Arts announced

MEXICO City.-The National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) ratified that the agreement signed with Senator Rogelio Israel Zamora Guzmán clearly indicates the purpose and the strictly artistic terms under which the activity was carried out Operatic may 15th at the Palace of Fine Artes.De no way the Palace of Fine Arts was requested, nor authorized, nor used to honor or celebrate the birthday of any religious leader, a fact that never happened, as has been testified by both Parties and by those who attended the concert as guests. This procedure and the corresponding documentation are in review of the internal Control body, which is dependent on the secretariat of the civil service. It will be this instance that determines whether there were irregularities or omissions, as well as the administrative or legal measures to take, if necessary. Also, on the instructions of the Ministry of Culture, the protocols and mechanisms of programming and dissemination will be strengthened to guarantee the artistic and cultural use of excellence of the Palace of Fine Arts, which is why the programming of new Private events.

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