translated from Spanish: This was the announcement of the candidacy to vice president of Cristina Kirchner

Through a video published in their social networks, former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced his candidacy to Vice president and reported that he chose Alberto Fernandez to apply president of the formula. Today Saturday 18 begins the week of May and the next 25, in our country date, is already 16 years of the day when Nestor assumed as president of a devastated country. I want to address my compatriots to share, as always, reflections and also, of course, decisions. They never disclosed political charges, nor were they my main motivation. Maybe, because I belong to a generation that wasn’t looking for a place on the charts, but a place in history. However, also that same and tragic moments history, made me realize that the charges are also tools to carry forward the ideals, the convictions, the utopias. It is true that not the only ones, but after all, they are tools at last, always. After having been twice president of this country-his first woman elected as such-and having occupied various legislative positions, always by popular will expressed at the polls, I am more convinced than ever that the expectation or personal ambition have To be subordinate to the general interest. This principle always recurred and repeated and so often unfulfilled of the Peronism of: «First the Fatherland, then the movement and finally the Men», well… It’s time to make it happen once and for all. Not only with words, but also with facts and, above all, behaviors. In this case, first the Fatherland, second the movement and finally a woman-let me just for an instant, a little feminist humor. I have asked Alberto Fernandez to lead the formula we will integrate together, he as a candidate for president and I as a candidate for Vice, to participate in the upcoming primary elections, open, simultaneous and compulsory… Yes, the famous P.A.S.O. Alberto, whom I know more than 20 years ago, and it is true, with whom we also had differences. As true as he was Nestor’s chief of staff throughout his presidency… And I saw him, together with him, decide, organize, agree and always seek the greatest possible extent of the government. Those were very difficult times, but these that we are living today the Argentines and the Argentines, are really dramatic. Never so many and so many sleeping in the street. Never so many and so many with problems of food, of work. Never so many and so desperate crying in front of a priceless bill of light or gas. And if we look at the state… oh, my God! The foreign debt in dollars contracted in just 3 years is larger than that which Nestor received Defaulteada. That yes… With an aggravating factor still: almost 40% is with the International Monetary Fund. The overwhelming and unnecessary, indebtedness of the country, begins to show in this present the first symptoms of a reality that will be very difficult to reverse… Especially if we put personal names and locations before the challenge of building an electoral coalition not only able to be triumphant in the upcoming elections, but also that what is called to society can be fulfilled. What is summoned to the Scoiedad can be fulfilled. And this last question is no less. It is a fundamental principle then, avoid adding to the current frustration product of the electoral scam that facilitated the arrival of Mauricio Macri to power, a new frustration that, I have no doubt, would immerse Argentina in the worst of hell. Yes… I have No doubt. The situation of the people and the country is dramatic. And this formula that we propose, I am convinced that it is the one that best expresses what in this moment of Argentina it is necessary to summon the broader social and political sectors, and economic also, not only to win an election, but to govern. Because something has to be clear to all and all… It is going to try to have to govern an Argentina again in ruins, with a people again impoverished… It is clear, then, that the coalition that governs should be broader than the one that won the elections. I am convinced that this is the best contribution I can make to my country. I told you last days at the headquarters of the Peronist party. We leaders must put aside personal ambitions and vanity, and I am willing to contribute from the place that can be most useful. Perhaps, that day when I said that, some or some thought it was one of the many formulas of rigor, so natural, so present always in every political encounter, but no, it is not. I am certain that our people do not wait for words or speeches hollow and empty. Needs gestures and concrete facts that give certainty and security to a unit that begins to order their lives… A unit that begins to order their lives… That with such wickedness this government disordered them in just over 3 years. I honestly believe that this is the way. The current world and Latin America in particular have mutated to evil in recent times. Today we are in height times. Times of commercial, technological, military and political dispute. We have Argentines and Argentines who have enough intelligence and practical vision to make this world power dispute not drag us into greater dependence and poverty. We need to know how to address it in the interest of our growth as a country and the welfare of our people. We can do it, we know how to do. What’s more, we have to. I repeat, rather than winning an election, we need men and women who can govern an Argentina that is in a situation of indebtedness and impoverishment worse than the 2001. And that it has sufficient breadth of ideas and political sectors to represent with commitment the national interest, I repeat, to represent with commitment the national interest, and to respond to the most urgent needs of our people. It is not a question of going back to the past or repeating what we did from 2003 to 2015-and beyond successes, criticisms or mistakes we feel very proud-but the world is different and so are we. I always thought that to govern is to give new answers to the new challenges, especially the younger ones… You know that they and they are my weakness. To govern is not just to sign decrees or to give speeches. It is mainly to make decisions that are understood, accepted and shared by the vast majority of our people and that they perceive that they are to improve their quality of life and for their children and their daughters and grandchildren and granddaughters to have a future. In the last years of my management, and especially since I said goodbye to the government with a Plaza de Mayo crowded with people, as is not remembered in Argentina’s history, I have been the victim of the most fierce and ruthless campaign of lies and defamation against my person , my family and our government. I’m not naming them. You know who you are and how you’ve done it. They alone are betrayed by their public expressions and their bad deeds. It is No coincidence that these lies, defamation and hatred have served those who installed them to benefit economically to limits never seen. And all this at the expense of the most phenomenal debt of the nation and the worst and fastest impoverishment of the Argentine people. However, I am not guided by hatred or resentment. On the contrary, my decision is a contribution to the construction of a different country, which I take as a huge responsibility to the history. The other day, when in Rural society I presented my book sincerely…-The one I see and feel as a contribution to the discussion, debate and historical knowledge of the problems of the Argentines-I proposed a new social contract of responsible citizenship. This new social contract is nothing more or less than the search for a practical look that generates a base of order. A new order that allows the individual development of people within the human and spiritual conditions but always, always within the framework of a collective social realization to prevent the effort of every Argentine and every Argentina to end up devoured Being for selfishness and individualism. We have to understand in a good time and forever that discontent or individual anger never changed the status quo, they never transformed reality. But if that discontent acquires higher stages of unity and coordination, it will abandon the way of the complaint to become the way of the proposal. And I want to be the first to exercise the act of civic responsibility… Leaving aside ambitions or personal vanities, I assume with great commitment and responsibility this new challenge, with the absolute conviction that is the best for our people and our Argentina. To my companions and colleagues I ask that we shake ranks Accompanying this formula by campaigning and working with joy and hope, because the triumph depends on ourselves and what each of us will contribute. I believe, frankly, to be giving the first step today. Understanding the present of our nation compels not to think about the fate and personal destiny of oneself. But in any case I can assure you that the one who recognizes me, to the point of being able to be elected again by citizens to drive the destinies of our Fatherland, is a repairer after so many grievances and flattering after so much effort. But, we are not for flattery, someone said that the experience is a comb that you get when you stay peeled. But I still have enough hair and an experience built from a very young girl in the political militancy that had as a corollary the pride of having been eight years president of all and all Argentines. That experience was not without error, but it transforms in a value only if it is taken into account and heard. Experience is this, experience is not perfection. I rather believe that it serves and stimulates comprehension. To my compatriotsWho are anxious to lose the job, without even preserving it. They are distressed by the prices they do not stop climbing and the rates of public services that are unpayable. To my compatriots who are also concerned that the government is still indebting the country in an obscene financial timba of astronomical interest rates and topping borrowed dollars. To my compatriots who contemplate absorbed as the state is increasingly moving away from the people and only benefits the most powerful and wealthy sectors. All of you and I ask you not to faint, not to be resigned. We know and know that a better country is not a utopia. That a better country is possible because we already live it, we caress it and we feel it. To rebuild, then, a country for all and all should be not only our dream, but our goal. I love all of them. Take good care. Sincerely, Cristina. »

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