translated from Spanish: Daring to dream the ‘ Impossible Dream ‘

To know. Impossible Dream is a famous song of the musical The Man of La Mancha, inspired by Don Quixote of La Mancha. His handwriting inspires to follow great ideals, even if they cost effort. The Pope invites us to “dream big”, because one of the main problems of the present day is that it has lost the capacity to dream, and when a person does not dream, that space is occupied by the lament and the resignation. Let us not allow our dreams to be stolen, says the pope. To think. The Pope recalled that in Macedonia there are artisans sculptors, skilled in carving and working the stone. We can imitate them by being sculptors of their own dreams. A sculptor takes the stone in his hands and slowly starts shaping it and transforming it, with dedication and effort… Until it becomes a beautiful work of art. The most beautiful dreams are conquered with hope, patience and commitment, giving up the haste, without stopping for fear of making mistakes, said the pope. Fear must be of a paralyzed life, as dead in life because we do not persevere in the endeavors or for fear of being wrong: “Do not be afraid to become artisans of dreams and hope!, which is a beautiful adventure… take life seriously, to do something beautiful with She! To live. In the face of difficulties, Pope Francis reminds us that “there is someone who wants us alive. We are never alone and no one can fight alone enclosed in four walls, you need a community with which we share our dreams and help each other. ” Mother Teresa never stopped dreaming of her love for Jesus. We ended up with some phrases from the impossible dream, inviting to listen to it: to dream, the impossible to dream/to overcome, to the undefeated rival. Suffer, insufferable pain/dying by an ideal nobleman. Know how to amend the error/love with purity and kindness. To believe in an impossible dream/with Faith a star to reach. That is my desire/and I have to achieve it/No matter the effort. No matter the place/defend the virtue… For I know, that if I manage to be faithful to such a noble ideal I will sleep my soul in peace at the end of the moment. (

Original source in Spanish

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