translated from Spanish: Elections in La Pampa: the main candidates voted

On Sunday May 19, La Pampa calls for a new call to the polls-the ninth so far this year-with the aim of electing governor, provincial deputies by the local parliament’s single district and several municipal offices. In this context, the main candidates for governor have already cast their vote. What they said. Sergio Ziliotto

The candidate of the PJ to happen to the current Governor Carlos Verna described these elections as an event «that transcends the province of La Pampa» and noted that, with his candidacy, seeks to give «continuity and deepening of 36 years of Peronist government.» In addition, he referred to the announcement of the formula Fernandez-Fernandez: «I think it’s a big step. Not only when the former president returned to the Peronist party, but the idea that they are all, there is a great call to unity. The only limit of the Justicialismo is MACRI, never the limit must be a companion. » Daniel Kroneberger

The main opponent also spoke to the press and stressed the importance of «the civic act itself and that all people can express themselves freely.» He also opined that since his party «we did everything we could with all the tools we had». Gladys Flores

The only female candidate for the position of Governor for the party from the foot said ‘ present ‘ and in dialogue with the medium was «very happy because we installed our project, Victoreando this feat we have installed in the Pampa.» On the fact that she was the only female applicant, she commented: «There are still many women occupying power issues. This has to be started: we must call for women to interpret and fight for their rights. » Juan Carlos Tender

The organized community candidate bet because «the people break with polarization» in dialogue with InfoPico and leaned on the phrase «The essential for the people is invisible to politics» to ensure that «those who armed a false polarization, it is very possible that they Find a real surprise. » In this note:

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