translated from Spanish: Find the corpse of a man outside Expo fair Apatzingán

Home Security Find the corpse of a man outside Expo fair Apatzingán

Apatzingán, Michoacán.-The outskirts of the Expo fair of the municipality Terracalenteño of Apatzingán were the scene of a macabre finding, since it was found a man of indigent aspect already without life.
According to data obtained by this medium, citizens who traveled on the Avenue Constitución de 1814 corner with Alberto Street. T. Benítez of the central colony, saw a man who was seated next to the perimeter of the Expo fair.
As they approached the investigation they noticed that it was inert, so they requested the support of the emergency services.
Lifeguards arrived at the site, who are only able to confirm that the man no longer had vital signs.
Subsequently, they attended public security elements that were responsible for seal the area to protect any indication.
The site was constituted personnel of the Attorney General of the State that was responsible for carrying out the lifting of the corpse that according to the first details provided to this medium did not present traces of violence, however, it is the corresponding autopsy that Determine what caused the death.
The deceased is in the capacity of unknown, but it was explained that he wore black trousers and no t-shirt, so it is expected that some of the relatives will later identify him.

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