translated from Spanish: “Game of Thrones”: Why was the last season so critical?

It’s official; After eight years of knowing and touring with the characters the continent of Westeros, to know everything about each family and identify how the seven Kingdoms are shaped, “Game of Thrones” comes to an end. The last episode will be aired tonight on the HBO screen and after 22 hours, and promises to reach incomparable records of audience: precisely, “the Bells”-the previous chapter-was the most watched of the whole series with 12,480,000 spectators , according to Variety. However, that episode was in turn the most criticized of the whole plot, which was reflected in the social networks, in the discussions in the groups of WhatsApp, or the petition that circulated on the Internet for the writers to re-write the episodes. Why the series Presents these contradictions? Can you talk about “disappointment” or “fan service”? To understand those questions, Filo. News spoke with Fiorella Sargenti, a journalist specializing in the topic and host of the podcast “Hodor Hodor Hodor”. * SPOILER ALERT *

Jaime in the last chapter | Photo: Twitter

We live in the rise of the internet and social networks, where everything bores us fast. The logic Netflix installed a parameter of comfort and speed that takes our lives. So “Game of Thrones” gives television a cultural product. Of the litter of “Lost” or “The Walking Dead”, the mystic of the series is that every Sunday, at a certain time and channel, the Spectator is positioned in front of the screen to be able to see the episode. For Sargenti, this allowed year after year to add more and more spectators who were knowing what the story was and what it had to offer.
“I think the GoT is similar to Marvel in cinema, I find it very complex to imitate even for its own spin off,” said Fiorella. 

“I find it very difficult to repeat soon,” the journalist revealed and continued: “What we have in abundance are more effervescent phenomena and very massive, but also fleeting. The Netflix system has captivated us, but the marathons make everything more intense and brief; The company has to be constantly giving us stories to catch up, but we don’t keep too much in each one of them. ” Like a “World Cup”, according to the professional, “GoT” generates that the fans count the days and the hours to be able to see the episode on television, that they meet among friends, in some house or some bar to be able to shout the victories of Arya like a goal.
Moments before the final battle | Photo: Twitter

Last Sunday, after seeing the expected and “last battle” between Cersei and Daenerys for obtaining the Iron Throne, a state of shock circulated among the spectators, stunned for all that had just happened. While many were satisfied, for others that feeling was transformed into disappointment, uncertainty and anger over the actions that had to develop the characters, based on the decision of the showrunners David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss. For this reason, there was much talk about the construction of the “narrative arcs” of each protagonist, a term that was spread in social networks. To understand this, as an example we can take the case of Jaime. In the last few seasons we saw him redeemed, wanting to escape from all that the surname “Lannister” destined him, which culminated in the arrival to Winterfell-by the White walkers-, his repentance with Bran Stark and the relationship with Brianne of Thart. However, The romance lasted only a few minutes of an episode, as the character decides to return together with Cersei, his great love, to die with her; That was his wish, according to the “Matareyes” he had confessed in previous seasons. For both, that death was significant, as it represented the collapse of their empire and all the power they had built; Still, was it the right way to run that change in the character? ” The death of Cersei and Jaime seems poetic and very according to their stories, but perhaps there are details that could have been more sharp, “explains the journalist, who names as an example the fight” unnecessary “with Euron Greyjoy or the lack of defense strategies Cersei Lannister.

Cersei in the last chapter | Photo: Twitter

Daenerys is another case. It was the “chain-breaker”, which liberated all the slaves from oppression and the one that gave everything for them. At the beginning of the seventh season we were able to see her with an empowering discourse explaining that she was not Cersei and that she would not reign in the Ashes. Yes, in that way the “mother of the Dragons” had decisions focusing on violence against their opponents; In the fourth season, for example, he had decided to crucify 163 Amos in front of her. As if it were little, in the last chapters had to face the loss of Missandei, Viserion and Rhaegal, Ser Jorah, his affair with Jon Snow, his army Dothraki. But is that panorama enough to support the decision to burn all the innocents of King’s Landing? Was that change well built?

“We all understand that Dany is losing everything, but to be someone who spent eight seasons saying he wanted to break the wheel and save those who need the most, the unprotected, sounds pretty laughable that just become a dragon when people ask Mercy, “Sargenti said. He then visualized other possible scenarios that might have occurred at the time:” If instead of the surrender bells, she would have gone mad with the death of Rhaegal, Missandei or even without listening to the Bells, it would have been something else. ” I think also in these last seasons the relationship with Jon was very abrupt, his link with the little People westerosi with which he crossed (who in the previous told them that it did not arrive to kill everyone, as Cersei said) was almost null and we missed scenes in which We could see her with the guard a little lower, analyzing all this beyond her war councils, perhaps with Missandei or Jorah, “he added. Still, for the journalist the series did not incur what is called “fan service”, as there are issues that had to be developed because the “plot asked” and because the “people expected”: “What Jaime and Brianne has something of that, could have remained in platonic , was not altogether necessary, for me. ”
“The issue is how things got,” said Fiorella.

In addition, he opined: “The Cleganebowl was fun and very ordered but it was given a sheet that history did not require”, in reference to the battle between Gregor and Sandor Clegane, in which both died overcome by fire. The issue is how things were given-analyzed the journalist-how they dispatched the Night King and who, how they dispatched to Cersei. Maybe Dany should have been the antagonist in these last episodes, not so much about the hour. ” Based on these axes, for Fiorella the big mistake of this season was the lack of time, having to condense the facts in six episodes. “The outcome of George R. R. Martin–The book writer–will probably be the same, but he’s going to have more road to walk. I also think that TV needs (we, wrong many times ask) surprise and shock and that also played against him in a sense, “opined the professional.

Daenerys in front of her army | Photo: Twitter

That’s how Fiorella defined it, and also a lot of fans and fanatics. Is that “GoT” generates that: it is not a simple “period series”, but it displays concepts of strategy, ambition and power that keep the spectator in suspense in every scene. What was the “formula” of the success of the series? According to his opinion, he has a solid foundation in books, with which he built a universe that later mutated in the media transmediality; A “very successful” cast and a channel that bet on history, invested and worked on its recognition. ” A mix of good marketing decisions, a super-solid universe, good rhythm and a fan base that came from the books and were ready to go to preach the word westerosi, “says the journalist. For these reasons, all the failures that he had in this season do not take away all the merit that he won in the previous ones, according to his vision: “It remains top 5 of best series in the history and a pop phenomenon very difficult to match in terms of television. It is a product of TV, for adults, with fantasy, that managed to put itself side by side with Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars “.
In the face of the last episode, How do you expect me to culminates the story?
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