translated from Spanish: Iran does not seek war but does not fear it: Revolutionary Guard

Tehran.-The commander-in-chief of the Guardians of the Revolution, Hosein Salamí, said today that Iran is not afraid of a war but the United States itself, while it warned that the Middle East can become “a gunpowder magazine” for Washington. We don’t seek war, but we don’t fear it either. This is the difference with them (Americans), who are afraid of war and have no will for it, “he emphasized in a speech during a military ceremony broadcast on state television. Salamí warned that when the threat is far away, Iranian forces only plan a strategic response, but “when approaching”, they also activate “at operational levels.” Washington has decided to send the amphibious assault ship USS Arlington, the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and bombers to the Persian Gulf, and appointed the Guardians of the Revolution terrorist group last month.

They also warned that the Middle East can become a “powder keg” for Washington. Photo: EFE

The tension increased the last week after the sabotage of four oil tankers in a Emirati port and the drone attacks on a Saudi pipeline, of which Riyadh accused Iran of having ordered this action from the Huthi rebels in Yemen.

In this regard, Salamí highlighted the fear of Washington and its allies to “attacks by resistance groups” and the growing number of young Muslims who “yearn for a battle against the US and Israel.”
The American philosophy is to plunder nations and pave the way for modern slavery and unilateral dominance, and that political philosophy generates war, not power, he sentenced.

Despite all this rhetoric, most Iranian authorities have ruled out a war with the US, from the supreme leader, Ali Jameneí, as Foreign Minister Mohamad Yavad Zarif. Jameneí claimed that the confrontation is not military but “a clash of wills: Neither we nor they are looking for a war, “he said. On the American side, rumors emerged that the president, Donald Trump, is frustrated with some of his pro-hardline advisers against Iran because he believes that the US is rushing towards too belligerent a stance, but the president Denied. However, Trump has assured that he is not looking for a war and that he is willing to negotiate with the Iranian leaders, but from Tehran for now they dismiss at least publicly that option.

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