translated from Spanish: Neighbor of November 20 dies drowned in the river, in Mochis

When he was spending an afternoon of living together, a person unfortunately lost his life drowned in the vicinity of the river Fuerte, at the height of Charay, belonging to the Sindicatura of Mochicahui, the Fuerte.Se is the young Agustín C, who had 23 Years old and had his domicile in Ejido 20 of Noviembre.De according to the information obtained, Augustine was in the river enjoying a pleasant afternoon, when suddenly he went into the water and lost sight. Seeing that he did not go out, his companions gave notice to the number of emergencies about what happened. Immediately, El Fuerte’s Civil protection personnel moved to the place to provide assistance. Around 18:20 hours the divers entered to try to locate him, as they continued without leaving the water.
It was about 20 minutes later when they managed to find the lifeless body of the young man, so they rescued him from the waters and requested the presence of personnel of the Vicefiscalía North Zone to come to testify of the facts. Later the body was transferred to a local funeral home. The accident was recorded when he suffered a epilépticoCuando attack traveling from “trap” aboard the train, an undocumented had an epileptic attack, which caused it to fall to the tracks and the wheels of the heavy machine to rip the right arm. 
The mishap occurred at the height of the community of San Blas, El Fuerte. After the fact, witnesses gave notice to C-4.  Red Cross Paramedics immediately came to the site and after stabilizing it was transferred to the General Hospital of Los Mochis. The affected was identified as Élmer R, who is 25 years old and is originally from Honduras.

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