translated from Spanish: Radicals insist on expanding change to Fernandez’s candidacy

“It is campora to the government and Perón to power,” replied the president of the UCR and governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, to be consulted on the precandidacy of Cristina Kirchner who this Saturday announced that will accompany as vice the formula led by Alberto Fernandez to compete in the FOOTSTEPs of August 11th.  “It is a new trap of Cristina,” he opined. 
“This is not good news for Argentina, but there are other signs, like that Cristina does not want to be in front, but on the ballot for the third of the population who supports it.”

“It is campora to the government and Perón to power. This formula in the 70 ended in the Triple A, which was an ultra-Peronist right group that repressed and made people disappear, this ended in Isabel and then in Videla and coup d’etat “, on how this news affects change, the radical leader said that” will now be MA s important to expand change and reformulate it. ”
“A bold move”
The Vice-President of the UCR, Federico Storani, today evaluated as “a bold and smart move” the nomination of Alberto Fernandez as a candidate for president. Faced with the political and electoral panorama that opened with the decision of the former president, Storani considered that “we must reformulate the formula of change, extending towards Peronism no K.”
“It’s a bold move and you mustn’t underestimate it, you have intelligence. If the government’s unique strategy was the sharpest and most extreme polarization, it partially suppresses one of the poles of that polarization, “said Storani.

Speaking to Radio Milenium, the radical leader said that the postulation of the former chief of staff “tends to unite the broader spectrum of Peronism and gives it greater competitiveness” in the face of the PASSAGE and the elections in October. However, he felt that the strategy of the current national senator has “a weak point” and that Fernandez “is not a person who has some territorial power.” “I think that Alberto Fernandez has the added value of having dialogue with some important power factors that were threatened with the pure return of Cristina to power. We have to see if that translates into credibility. That’s why I would respond in a mirror, “he concluded. In this note:

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