translated from Spanish: The left ironically on the duo Fernandez-Fernandez: “Christine to power”

Undoubtedly, the announcement of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, where he confirmed his participation in the PASSAGE with Alberto Fernandez as president, the political front reacted to the news and on the left did not let pass the opportunity. Since remembering the past of the candidate with Carlos Menem, until the vote in white of 2015, the FIT was made a feast.

Alberto to the government, Christine to the power. — Nicolas del Caño (@NicolasdelCano)
May 18, 2019

One of the first to express himself through social networks, he was the candidate for president Nicolás Del Caño, who wrote “Alberto al Gobierno, Christine to power”, in reference to the holder of the International Monetary Fund, Chrstine Lagarde. From there, it became a cry of claim for the whole party.

Those who held MACRI and let pass the brutal adjustment against the working people celebrate the candidacy of Alberto Fernandez. — Nicolas del Caño (@NicolasdelCano)
May 18, 2019

On the other side, the deputy Patricio del Corro, was even more critical, reviewing part of Alberto Fernandez’s political history and reviewing some allegations against him since Kirchnerism. “I say” gorilla “Those who support the candidate who was an officer of Menem, legislator of Cavallo, friend of Massa and Magneti… Who was denounced as a man of the U.S. Embassy! How I envy these people’s ability to deny. ”

Tell me who congratulates you and I’ll tell you where you’re going — Myriam Bregman (@myriambregman)
May 18, 2019

In more detail, Manuela Castañeira joined the claim, but called on the unity of the sector to achieve a victory and compete against what is postulated as more of the same. “In the face of Macri’s failure and the conservative coalition that Alberto Fernandez proposes, the left has to unite to be an alternative. We go for internal left with an anti-capitalist program of rupture with the IMF! ” In this note:

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