translated from Spanish: Deputy Brito in a tailspin against «hypocrite» apology by Cristóbal Piñera: «Minimize the fact»

Cristóbal Piñera Morel has been in the eye of the hurricane since His arrival–along with his brother–of the presidential tour for China. First for accompanying his father to important meetings in the Asian giant. And, moreover, by his role in the Hopin company that has contracts with the state.
As a result of the criticism, the president’s son decided to apologize publicly for his participation in the trip. «While all the last Presidents of the Republic have been accompanied by their children in foreign visits, the country and society have indeed changed and the standards are different. We did not know how to size it, I apologize for it, «explained Cristobal in a letter sent to the newspaper El Mercurio. This apology by Piñera Morel did not completely convince members of the Broad Front. Deputy Jorge Brito (RD) said that «it is a little hypocritical what the heir of President Piñera is posing, because he minimizes the fact that he has constituted a company a month before booking his seat on the presidential plane to go to China and thinks he is going We believe when he says he was a listener to meetings with big investors in technology when his company is technology. »
«Cristóbal Piñera the Year 97 (at 13 years of age) took part in the companies of his father, and from that moment has a different situation to the vast majority of Chileans; That does not make it bad, but it does make it quite unbelievable at the moment of giving us lessons of merit, «said the parliamentarian, in statements collected by Radio Cooperativa.
Piñera Morel’s letter also had support, especially from Chilean people come on. Congresswoman RN Ximena Ossandón considered «very correct mea culpa, and unfortunately anything is taken to try to destroy the opponent, is right in the sense that it has been used politically.»
Meanwhile, Senator UDI Juan Antonio Coloma said that, with his letter, Cristóbal Piñera shows that there is «a willingness to make things better.»

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