translated from Spanish: Double Crime in Congress: More evidence complicates prime suspect

During several raids ordered by the judge Mariano Iturralde and carried out last week by detectives of the division homicides of the Federal police, the investigators of the double crime of the Deputy Héctor Olivares and his adviser Miguel Yadón found Silhouettes of human figures drawn with projectile impacts in one of the addresses of the alleged shooter, Juan José Navarro Cádiz. In the House of Navarro Cádiz (25), nicknamed Onion, in Montevideo 76 of the Federal Capital, was found the pistol Bersa Thunder 40 The expertise corroborated was the murder weapon. But then, in the house where his father lives, Miguel Navarro Fernandez (50)-also imputed-in Viceroy Ceballos 215, the police found these silhouettes with impacts on a wall. ” They are human figures drawn with crayon or marker on a wall and that inside have rounded impacts, as if they had been practicing shot to the target “, revealed a source quoted by the agency Telam. Detailed that they do not have the appearance of being of a Projectile of a firearm, but of some kind of pellet or compressed air, but still they ordered expertise to define what they fired on that wall. During the morning, when he gave his personal details in the investigation in which he refused to testify, Navarro Cádiz said he had lived all his life in that house of Viceroy Cevallos. The search of his other home on Montevideo Street, where his wife and children live and find n the gun, the sources also commented that “the door was kicked out”, because apparently after the attack, Navarro Cadiz lost the set of keys to his house and had forcibly entered that domicile. In this note:

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