translated from Spanish: Dylan, the “national and popular collie” that accompanies Alberto Fernandez

The reactions to the announcement of the Fernandez-Fernandez formula were, mostly, politically cut. But there are always those people who know how to detect the B side of the issues. In this context, Dylan, the dog Alberto Fernandez is devoted to, would enter. ” My best friend is Alberto Fernandez. He called me that in honor of Bob Dylan. I was born in Pilar and I live in Puerto Madero. I am a national and popular collie, “is read in your description of Instagram. Yes, it has an Instagram account and more than 5,800 followers. The mascot of the presidential pre-candidate stole all the attention of the canine lovers and their owner collaborated with this: his picture of WhatsApp profile shows it with Dylan and in one of the notes he gave to the press during the weekend he returned from walking.

Screenshots that show the photo of WhatsApp profile that has Alberto Fernandez

Already in the account that Alberto Fernandez has in Instagram can be verified the affection that has for his dog: every so sandwiched images of his between his publications.
It seems that this did not satisfy the desire to share content, so directly created an account to Dylan.
The Chicana with Balcarce-the can that out of the PRO-already started, especially on Twitter where a fake account? of Dylan asks for the triumph of Fernandez-Fernandez by him, “brother Doggy fallen in disgrace macrista and by all the Dogs of the Republic”. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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