translated from Spanish: Eradicate corruption, Mexico’s challenge: Canacintra

The President of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), Enoch Castellanos Férez, called for the construction of a Mexico without corruption and to generate the conditions for the wealth of the country to be distributed equitably.
At the inauguration of the National Convention of Industrialists (CNI) 2019, which year after year organizes the Canacintra, Castellanos said that the industrialists of Mexico «we share with the federal government the principles of honesty, transparency and equality of Opportunity «, so called to make Mexico» a country without corruption, this is the real challenge. »
Considered the most important industrial forum of the Year, on the first day of activities of this meeting, public and private institutions were gathered with the Mexican entrepreneurs to establish political, social and economic positions and to seek strategic alliances in Benefit of the industrial sector.
«Let’s be allies of transformation integrating all,» said Enoch Castellanos in the inaugural act of the CNI and added that, to improve welfare, «it is not enough to eliminate corruption, to distribute the wealth first we have to generate it, and for that We need to grow. »

National Convention of Industrial
— CANACINTRA Mexico (@CANACINTRAMex) May 20, 2019

After exposing that change and transformation does not scare entrepreneurs, he said that current times demand new ways of understanding issues such as the environment, economics, gender parity and education.
«They are times of profound and accelerated change that also demand a new business concept, a more sensitive and deeper commitment approach,» he said.
In view of the simplification of the policy that has led to the creation of stereotypes of all and all that divide and confront society, he said that «our essence is not wealth or privileges, that is a stereotype that is urgent to overcome; We industrialists are people of progress, our essence is transformation. »
The president of the Canacintra also stated that a full rule of law was required to provide security to employment, but also to the investment generated by those jobs.
«The challenge we face is great, it’s huge, it’s an economic, social, environmental sustainability challenge and, of course, it’s a challenge for children. We are the first generation in many years who run the risk of inheriting to their children worse conditions than we receive from our parents. »
Inauguration of the National Industrial Convention (CNI) 2019. Photo: Carlo Echegoyen/Newsweek Mexico
The employer explained that the industrialists of the Canacintra consider that the policies, programs, instruments and actions for the competitiveness of the industry have been insufficient, which has impeded its real cost-benefit evaluation.
In view of this, he reiterated that any industrial policy should «give access to renewable energies, facilitate the importation of electric energy for the northern frontier and have free natural gas for the small and medium-sized industries of the entities».
He said that «at least 15 per cent of SMEs are required to export through the promotion of training programs, consultancy, certification, inclusion in regional supply chains and access to sectoral information and services Market intelligence. »
In terms of education and productivity it was necessary to «support, from the Secretariat of public education, the creation of technological educational units that respond to the business needs and industrial development of each region».
He also said that it is necessary to reconsider the role of development banking for specific purposes through total operating funds, with credit windows, project analysts, ruling councils and portfolio management.

Dialogue for labor stability and union democracy. #CNI2019
— CANACINTRA Mexico (@CANACINTRAMex) May 20, 2019

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did not arrive at the official inauguration of the National Convention of Industrialists, in which he was the honored guest.
«We had confirmed the head of the Office of the presidency, Alfonso Romo, that he (AMLO) could attend the inauguration,» replied Enoch Castellanos when asked about it.
«We were in contact with the presidency. They were the ones who directed it that way, I believe that the President has his priorities and his agenda, and we respect it. Finally, here the private initiative gives a sample of unity, gives a sample of wanting to dialogue and that we will invest for our country. »
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