translated from Spanish: In 12 years, government ‘ forgave ‘ 400 MMDP in corporate taxes

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed a decree to end the remission of taxes to large companies, because in the last two six stopped paying more than 400 billion pesos.
«With the signing of a decree to end this figure, the constitution will recover in letter and spirit, for all to contribute,» said the president on Monday during his morning lecture.
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Between 2007 and 2018 taxes were waived to 108 taxpayers, which amount to 400,902,000 of pesos at current value. These concentrated 54% of the total amount of tax condonations, explained the owner of the Tax Administration system (SAT), Margarita Ríos Fajart.
He explained that of those 108 taxpayers 45 were protected, whose amount of forgiveness was 134 billion pesos.
The SAT holder did not give the names of the 108 taxpayers because, he said, they are protected by bank secrecy.
In his morning press conference, the President explained that it is, in fact, «a huachicol of white collar», which is going to be eliminated, under the principle of progressiveness. «To contribute more, who have the most income.»
The signed decree eliminates the president’s ability to grant taxes to large taxpayers through decrees or other legal or administrative provisions.
The struggle to meet the beneficiaries
In the last six-day term, a private individual asked the SAT for the name of the companies to which the payment of taxes was waived during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.
Although the INAI ordered the SAT to make known the list, it gave incomplete.
This was not the first time that SAT was asked to disclose this information. Article 19 and the political Animal filed a cover for the list of companies benefiting from forgiveness.
The first district judge in administrative matters in Mexico City, Gabriel Regis López, decided that the SAT violates the right to information and the right to justice by refusing to transparent the data.
However, the SAT challenged this resolution forcing it to publish who has been benefited by the program of cancellation of tax debts, which only in 2013 benefited 36 companies, with an amount of 80 billion that they had to pay Taxes.
In 2015, the INAI resolved the GDR 5354/15 resource in favor of the founding organization, Center for Analysis and Research, where SAT was ordered to transparent the amounts and information on beneficiaries who received a waiver and cancellation of debts Fiscal, in the period 2007 to May 2015.
But again the SAT failed to comply with the resolution, and found also filed a amparo, «alleging the violation of the right of access to information and the right of access to justice.»

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