translated from Spanish: Juan Carlos «Banana» Mascheroni, the leader of the fire, died

Those of the fire is an exponent of the cumbia Santa Fe. His songs sound in all the parties and the lyrics have been modified to transform into songs of court that the fans sing every weekend.

⚫ The Union Club expresses its deep sorrow over the death of Tatengue singer Juan Carlos «Banana» Mascheroni and accompanies his family in this difficult time reminding him doing what he loved. — Club Atlético Unión (@clubaunion)
May 18, 2019

In the early hours of Saturday, Juan Carlos «Banana» Mascheroni died after suffering a heart episode while giving a show in Avellaneda. According to the producer Zelaya, related to the band, «Banana» suffered «a heart failure» and was transferred to the Fiorito Hospital. «Despite the efforts of the doctors died this morning», they reported in the statement that clarified that it was «an unexpected fatality.» Banana «was the image of the Santafesino group with more than 30 albums and was consecrated as one of the most recognized interpreters of the tropical genre. The band was formed in the year 1984 and founded Mascheroni together with Julio «Momocho» Peralta, Julio «Muerto» Peralta and Sergio «Pato» Torres.

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