translated from Spanish: Las Heras will implement the parking measured in its streets

This Monday, Las Heras published in the Official Gazette of the Province an ordinance that establishes the creation of the “program of Social inclusion measured parking”. It is intended for people in a situation of vulnerability so that they can be included in the formal market of production and work. From the municipality they reported that the streets are not yet defined and the tariffs on which the measured parking will be implemented. In articles 3 and 4, the Ordinance establishes that the Executive department shall be responsible for determining the areas of the municipal public domain where the measured parking system is applied, as well as the shifts and schedules in which its Implementation. It also indicates that it will be the role of the Executive Department to establish the value of the parking card in the Municipal Tariff Ordinance, valid for a minimum period of half-hour measured parking in the arteries established by the Department Executive. In the ordinance, it also lists the requirements for people who are interested in working in the system: own domicile in the department of Las Heras, which will be verified through an updated DNI or in its absence the certificate of residence (in the case of foreign nationals with permanent residence, D.N. I or proof of commencement of the same)
Sign the Program subscription Act by linking and granting the benefit
Inscription before the AFIP in the character of social Monotributista. It will be a subsistence condition of the benefit granted, the presentation of the monthly payment of its tax obligations.
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Measured parking
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Social Inclusion

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