translated from Spanish: More than 96 Morelians owe the property tax

Morelia, Michoacán. – Are a total of 96119 Morelians who owe the property tax to the city council, of which 85452 are people of a low socioeconomic level (88.9 percent of the Moors), 9051 of the middle level (9.7 percent), and 1616 high level (1.7 by CIE Nto of the total debtors.
This was announced by the manager of the Treasury of the city of Morelia, María de los Remedios López Moreno during the presentation of the campaign «Farewell to the Debt predial», which consists of the total condemnation of the tax for those people who owe the 2013 and previous years, on condition that they are brought into the current in their payments from 2014 to 2019.

The campaign also includes a discount of 90 percent in fines, and 40 percent less in surcharges, from year 2014 onwards.
Lopez Moreno explained that the tax waiver represents a loss for the administration of 109 million pesos, however, if the defaulters comply with the requirement of the city Council, can recover 289 million pesos.
In charge of the municipal coffers mentioned that it is expected a participation of the morelias debtors of a 80 to 85 percent, since it added that the campaign is a pioneer because it has not been applied in any other city.
Finally, he said that we are working on a recognition to the citizens who are not late in paying the tax, through a raffle of a car or appliances, which could be carried out in January or February next year.

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