translated from Spanish: Prosecution opens case against the University of the Pacific for concealment of property and scam

Prosecution initiated an investigation into the University of Pacifico, a house of studies that lost its official recognition because of the serious financial crisis that goes through, for the alleged crimes of fraud and concealment of property.
According to the newspaper La Tercera, the institution’s closing manager, Roberto Nahum, filed a complaint with the high-complexity East prosecutor after having collected information on these facts.
In the document, Nahum said that «there are many previous antecedents embodied in resolutions of public bodies that, at least since 2014, the university worked in the framework of a precarious economic situation». Within this background, it is serious that a registration process has been opened for the 2018 academic year.
Nahum noted that «the leases paid by the university to the foundation of the family Ortúzar», controller of the campus, for the properties located in Las condes, «are of a notoriously high amount in relation to the current parameters of the market and They would explain, in part, the poor financial state of the institution. »
In addition, he denounced «the payment of high remuneration to members of the Ortúzar family, which would have in some cases provided compensation to any event for years of service.»
A fact that caught the attention of Nahum was that in 2015 the university bought the building in which the House of Studies worked for 9.792 billion pesos, doubling the price paid seven years before the foundation Jiulio Ortúzar. However, in the year 2017, the university again detaches itself from the building, selling in 8.796 billion, billion less.
According to the calculations of Nahum, the debts of the U. of the Pacific amount to 118 million of pesos to banks, 1.7 billion to suppliers, 285 million in remunerations to 159 officials, 200 million in pension debts, 100 million in outstanding fees and 38 Millions to clinical fields.
Meanwhile, the SII and the General Treasury of the Republic should be more than 330 million, while between 2017 and 2018 recorded 12 civil trials for 420 million and 16 labor trials for 960 million.

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