translated from Spanish: The Fernandez rushed the election campaign and began to define candidates

Until Friday night nobody was still a candidate: Thursday was speculated strong with Cristina to get off, Lavagna still amagaba with the reluctance to a STEP and Macri… Still remains a mystery. 

A few hours later and after the political shake that meant the announcement of the Crisitna itself that will be a candidate for vice president of Alberto Fernandez, all did to say ‘ Here I am ‘. The main reason for the Fernández-Fernandez formula is to attract the greatest number of opposition leaders. And was successful in the early hours of Saturday, when a dozen governors were encouraged and sent twits in favor of the former president and her former chief of staff. But Monday brought new surprises: Roberto Lavagna finally confirmed his candidacy; «I’m running for president,» he said and confirmed what everyone knew, or at least they saw. 

A while before but in the same line anticrack the leader ‘ federal alternative ‘ more popular or with more votes now assured that they will lead their own candidate: John Schiaretti confirmed that «we will not make alliances with change or with the Kirchner.» Federal Alternative will carry its own candidate, but what if Lavagna finally does not decide to go to the PASS? There would be four ‘ strong ‘ candidates. The conflict for the feds could happen if finally, and as many analysts say, Alberto Fernandez is the candidate who seeks to close the rift. 

My candidacy had only one mission: to build a broad unit to defend the work, the humble and the middle class. That goal is fulfilled. I’m celebrating Cristina’s decision. I congratulate Alberto. #EsConTodos — Felipe Solá (@felipe_sola)
May 18, 2019

What would be the appeal of an anticrack space if the option with more chances of winning tries to close it? It is not that, however, the opinion of the Government, which with Alejandro Finocchiaro and Andrés Ibarra as spokesmen reaffirmed the opinion that their troops waved in the Nets all weekend: «Can anyone believe that if the former president goes in the formula , isn’t she the centrality, who’s going to make the decisions? » And it does not finally? In his video Cristina said that Alberto had the ability to unite «a coalition bigger than the one that wins the elections.»  
«Federal Peronism has its own formula,» Juan Schiaretti.

Even Fernandez called the Federal alternative leaders to join and go all together at one STEP, but was rejected as said by Schiaretti. In the middle, the radicalism, that in seven days will make its national convention, presses to make it Maria Eugenia Vidal who is Present to the presidential elections and not MACRI. 

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