translated from Spanish: The Pharmaceutical Emporium ‘ in the shade ‘ of the superdelegated Lomelí

Carlos Lomelí Bolaños, superdelegate of Morena in Jalisco, is the center of a pharmaceutical network made up of nine companies dedicated to the sale of drugs that have shared the same partners, legal proxies, representatives and even domicile in Zapopan, Jalisco, despite the fact that the official only recognizes four of those companies as their own.
That pharmaceutical group has sold billions of pesos in government contracts in seven years (2012-2019). Only one of these companies, supplying health supplies, Abisalud, won, in what goes from 2019, more than 164 million pesos, awarded by the Federal government headed by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.
In addition, Abisalud signed at the end of December 2018 a contract with another government emerged from Morena. Cuitláhuac Garcia, governor of Veracruz, directly assigned a contract for 36 million.
In front of Abisalud have been José Hiram Torres Salcedo and Mario Vargas Lomelí, former secretary and nephew, respectively, of Carlos Lomelí.
Public documents obtained by Mexicans against corruption and impunity (MCCI) reveal that, in addition to Abisalud, there are eight other companies that have participated 11 relatives and collaborators close to the Super delegate, same in which they have exchanged Positions in the last few years.
These are: Lomedic, international corporate Monitoring your health, Solfran Laboratory, Bioterra Laboratory, Lo Vending Group, MC-Klinical, provider of Hakeri inputs and the Bajio Chiropractic group.
Of the nine companies, the four pharmacists that have been recognized by the Superdelegate Lomelí in their declaration 3de3, in the section of Conflict of interest, presented last February, are Lomedic, international corporate Monitoring your health, laboratory Solfran and Bioterra Laboratory. However, in all of them they collaborate the same people who appear in the five remaining companies, where the superdelegate does not recognize to have participation.
These people are his wife, Lourdes del Socorro Abundis Valdepeña, and his sons Carlos, Karla Millaray and Lourdes Saraí Lomelí Abundis; His current wife Karina Lucia Navarro Perez, and the uncles of this, Jorge and Francisco Ramón Pérez Estrada.
In the same condition are close operators of Lomelí as José Hiram Torres Salcedo, who was his private secretary and candidate for mayor of Zapopan by Morena in the elections of 2018, and Juan Jose single Meza, former coordinator of the campaign to the governorship in Jalisco by Carlos Lomelí.
As recorded in public records of Jalisco, Nayarit and Guanajuato, consulted by MCCI, in this network, also involved Juan Carlos Tadeo Ramírez Martínez, who is also the husband of state deputy Morenista Erika Perez Garcia, and Journey Garcia Islas, friend of the superdelegate.
Records of the Public Registry of Commerce (RPC), obtained by MCCI, show that some of these characters have come to appear in the same month both in companies that Lomelí recognizes as their own, as in those with which it does not recognize any relation.
For example, José Hiram Torres Salcedo, who founded Abisalud; As he ran this company, in March 2012, he was also the curator of supplier of Hakeri inputs and the corporate monitoring of your health (the latter being recognized by Lomelí).
In the same way, Juan José single Meza, coordinator of the campaign to the governorship in Jalisco of Carlos Lomelí, served as legal representative of Integral corporate Monitoring your health and Abisalud, between April and June of 2016.
And Mario Vargas Lomelí, nephew of the superdelegate, was legal proxy for Abisalud and Lomedic in December 2018.
Public contracts of companies of this network have been the subject of signs in the Congress of the Union and of sanitary authorities like COFEPRIS, to sell to overprices or to distribute counterfeit medicine, respectively. In addition, in at least one occasion Abisalud and Lomedic, participated in the same bidding for a contract of 85 million pesos.
During the electoral campaign to the governorship of Jalisco, in the year 2018, Lomelí Bolaños repeatedly denied being related to Abisalud, that before accusations of its opponents.
«It is totally false, I do not have to say it because it is not my company, to go and investigate and cite the company and the people identified,» said Morenista in June 2018, at one of the times when he was questioned about it.
However, in addition to establishing the links between its partners and representatives, this research found that several of the pharmaceutical companies, recognized or not by Lomelí, share domicile.
From requests to public archives it was documented that the former candidate bought in 2008 a farm of 162 square meters, without number, on the street gum of the colony the Colli; Today that property is marked with the number 205.
A building is currently built. According to the documents consulted, to obtain a contract with the IMSS, in 2014, and also to register with the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property (IMPI), in 2015, Abisalud gave as its domicile the street chewing gum and the number 205-1.
On the other hand, in June 2015, the superdelegate referred to the number 205, interior two, to the same IMPI to register Lomedic, a company that has always recognized as his.
In addition, the company MC-Klinical, founded by his wife and currently represented by his daughter Lourdes Lomelí, diffused in the registry of suppliers of Zapopan, in December 2018, that his domicile was also in Gum Street number 205, but in this case not They specified an interior.
In the same public registry of Jalisco were found files in which Lomelí appears as owner of another lot located in the number 234 of the street gum, just in front of the addresses of the aforementioned companies. In this second field are the offices of the company Vending, managed by their children and founded by him.
The documents of the Jalisco Registry show that in November 2017 Lomelí incorporated into a trust, managed by BanRegio, two lots of its property: properties corresponding to the numbers 234 and 205 of the street of chewing gum.
The political career of Carlos Lomelí Bolaños began in September 2015 when he was elected federal deputy for Morena, a position he occupied until the year 2018 when he competed for the governorship of Jalisco. However, after the election and after becoming a loser, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador appointed him as the delegate of the Welfare Secretariat.
Although years ago his profile was already public, after being released an accusation against him in the United States.
In the year 2008 the Department of the Treasury of the United States pointed out to one of its companies, Lomedic, for alleged links with the Disappeared cartel of the Amezcua Contreras, known as the kings of the methamphetamines; Four years later she was eliminated from the list. Nine years later, in 2017, the same US dependence placed another of its companies, educational and business services, this time being allegedly related to the criminal organization operated by Raúl Flores Hernández, linked to the cartel New Generation Jalisco.
On this last designation and until the closing of this report, the Department of the Treasury has not made public any movement that indicates that educational and business services, has been removed from the American investigation.
On Friday 17 May MCCI sought out Carlos Lomelí Bolaños to request an interview. In his office the delegate said they preferred to be sent a questionnaire. The next day he did the same, and at the close of this edition he had not responded.
The link with Abisalud
On April 8, 2018, during the contest for the governorship of Jalisco, the then candidate Carlos Lomelí Bolaños promised to put name and surname to those that have been enriched at the expense of the health of the people:
«We’re going to stop that looting that we’re living through health systems and we’re going to tell people who the person was and the people who have used the people’s health money to enrich themselves and take it to their pockets.»
After declaring this, Carlos Lomelí was cheered. The campaign continued amid accusations to the morenista that it was related to Abisalud, a situation that he always denied.
A couple of months later he would lose the election, but Andrés Manuel López Obrador named it at the beginning of December of 2018 delegate of the secretariat of Social Welfare in Jalisco.
This post is colloquially known as a superdelegate and, from an official perspective, serves to eliminate intermediaries in the delivery of social programs and concentrates the functions previously scattered among several public servants.
Although officially the function of Lomelí is to group the operation of programs of the Secretary of welfare of the Federal government, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been emphatic in that this position will serve to reduce the number of delegations that before existed in every state.
At the same Lomelí began its duties with the Federal government, on December 20, 2018, the company supplying health Supplies signed its first contract with a government morenista. The health services of Veracruz, already in the administration of Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, awarded the company Abisalud a contract for 36 million pesos for the purchase of medicines and healing material.
One of the shareholders of this company has been José Hiram Torres Salcedo, the former secretary of Lomelí.
In the 3de3 declaration of the superdelegate in Jalisco there is no reference whatsoever of Abisalud, although this company is one of those managed by the close circle of the official.
Abisalud was founded in 2009 by José Hiram Torres Salcedo, private former secretary of Lomelí Bolaños. And as legal proxies of that company have been Mario Vargas Lomelí, nephew of the politician Morenista, in addition to José Juan single Meza, who was the COordinador campaign Lomelí when he competed for the governorship of Jalisco in the elections of the year 2018.
In June 2018, José Hiram Torres said he had sold all his shares of Abisalud since 2015. However, in the Portal of the Public Registry of Commerce (RPC) there is no document registered in a public way that proves its exit from the company.
Abisalud is not the only pharmaceutical business in which José Hiram Torres has collaborated.
In addition to having worked as a private secretary of the Superdelegate, José Hiram had also been a legal representative in the international corporate companies watching your health and Lomedic. These drug distributors are included in the 3de3 declaration by Carlos Lomelí.
In addition, Abisalud has two other characters close to the superdelegate in his directory. Since the year 2015 has been a representative of Mario Vargas Lomelí, nephew of the federal official.
He continued to occupy this position until February 2019, according to documents obtained in the Public Registry of Commerce (RPC). Five of the eight contracts Abisalud has achieved as of 2019 were signed while Carlos Lomelí ‘s nephew continued to appear in the company as a representative.
In addition to appearing in Abisalud, Mario Vargas was also representative in the year 2015 of the company Lomedic, which does appear in the 3de3 declaration of his uncle.
José Juan single Meza, who was the coordinator of the campaign when Carlos Lomelí competed for the governorship of Jalisco, has also been a proxy for Abisalud since June 2016, as recorded in the minutes of the PRC.
The last movement Abisalud registered with the PRC is dated January 23, 2019 and credits Juan Carlos Tadeo Martínez Ramírez as the company’s proxy.
Juan Carlos Tadeo Martínez has also been legal guardian of four of the companies in which Carlos Lomelí Bolaños has participated as shareholder or representative: Integral Corporate Monitoring your health, Solfran Laboratory, Bioterra Laboratory and Lomedic, the Company with which the Superdelegate started his pharmaceutical emporium in 1999.
Other political relatives of Lomelí Bolaños appearing in Abisalud are the uncles of his current partner, Karina Lucia Navarro Perez, whose names are Jorge and Francisco Ramón Pérez Estrada. They served as representatives of Abisalud during the year 2015.
In a search made on different government procurement platforms, MCCI found that the company Abisalud has received at least 150 contracts for 2.188 billion pesos, from the year 2013 to 2019.
When Carlos Lomelí served as deputy federal for Morena (2015-2018), the company Abisalud obtained five contracts with different units of the state of Jalisco, which totaled more than 505 million pesos. These were signed in the years 2015 and 2017.
This company has currently registered its fiscal domicile on the first floor of Tennyson Avenue number 17, in Colonia Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo delegation, in Mexico City.
Although before the IMPI and the IMSS has also indicated as address the number 205 of the street gum, Industrial Park El Colli, in Zapopan, Jalisco.
Contracts with brown governments
As far as the current federal administration is, the provider of health supplies has been favored with seven public contracts, adding more than 164 million pesos in five months.
In addition, as previously mecionó, the health services of the state of Veracruz, led by Governor Morenista Cuitláhuac García, granted on December 20, 2018 a contract for more than 36 million pesos to the company owned by the former secretary Particular by Carlos Lomelí, José Hiram Torres Salcedo. The object of the recruitment was the purchase of medicines and healing materials.
This is the breakdown of the federal contracts:
On January 14, 2019, the National Institute of Pediatrics (INP), which is part of the Ministry of Health, awarded a contract of 225,200 pesos to the supplier of health supplies for the purchase of paracetamol.
According to the public information Transparentada in the portal COMPRANET, that same day the INP granted by direct award a contract more, for 275,800 pesos and the concept of the purchase was the acquisition of the same medicine: paracetamol.
Each of the hirings was registered with the identification numbers 76-2019 and 77-2019.
On January 23, 2019, the INP granted a third contract for direct adjudication to Abisalud. This corresponded to the purchase of Levetiracetam, an anticonvulsant, by which they paid 449,681 pesos.
By April 4, 2019, the INP returned to elect Abisalud by means of direct award, to be the one in charge of restocking levetiracetam, this time for an amount of 77088 pesos.
In addition to the National Institute of Pediatrics, the Regional High Specialty Center of Chiapas, also dependent on the Ministry of Health, since January 1, 2019 has awarded contracts to Abisalud, for medicine and healing material.
The first contract was signed by Direct award on January 1, 2019, for an amount of 25044 pesos.
A couple of months later, he signed two more contracts, obtained through public biddings, both dated April 1, 2019.
In the COMPRANET portal, these contracts are identified with the numbers: E30-2019 and E68-2019 and add up to a total of 138,388,000 pesos.
Six of Abisalud’s contracts in 2019 were awarded in the form of direct adjudication, i.e. they did not have the competence at the time of being elected to supply medicine and healing materials to the health sector.
The eight commercial awards were given to these companies when Carlos Lomelí Bolaños was already in charge of the Federal public administration…
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