translated from Spanish: Three soldiers arrested for avocado kidnapping in Tacámbaro, Michoacán

Tacámbaro, Michoacán.-Three soldiers were detained by the personnel of the specialized unit of combat to the kidnapping (UECS), related to the plagiarism of a businessman avocado of this region, according to the information provided by the authorities Ministerial.
The suspects are Eduardo S., Enrique S. and Edgar Ephraim M. Two of them are elements of infantry and one of cavalry, they are attached to the fifth Unframed Infantry Company (5th. CINEMA). It was also known that the accused kept the victim in captivity in an avocado orchard and called his family to demand a strong sum of money, but at a certain time, the one who was in charge of the surveillance of the aggrieved fell asleep and he was able to free and flee to seek help.
It should be mentioned that the Army’s collaboration was vital for the arrest of detainees, as the militia granted all the facilities to be available for social representation. «In the armed forces this kind of behavior is reprehensible and now these people must face the consequences of their actions,» said a command of the 5th. CINEMA that for labor matters it is not possible to reveal its identity.
In relation to the apprehensions, the attorney General’s office disclosed verbatim in a press release on Monday: «The attorney General’s office of Michoacán (FGE), filled out order of apprehension against three men of the male sex, for their possible relationship In the kidnapping of a farmer occurred last February in the municipality of Tacámbaro.
«Before the Control judge, were presented Edgar Ephraim M., Eduardo S. and Enrique S., who, according to test data, last February 15 intercepted a farmer when in the company of his wife, he was headed to his home in a town in the municipality of Tacámbaro, and after Amagarlo with firearms, subdued him and led him to a garden, where he was held captive.
«Hours later, relatives of the victim received calls asking them for a significant amount of money in exchange for the farmer’s freedom, remembering a payment.
«On 17 February, the aggrieved took advantage of the person who watched him fell asleep, and managed to free himself and escape the siege of captivity.
«Days later, the Plagiarios communicated with the relatives and insisted that a payment had to be made, which is why they decided to file the complaint with the specialized unit of combat to the kidnapping.
«Derivative of the research work, data were obtained that allowed to establish the possible relation of Edgar Ephraim M., Eduardo S. and Henry S., in these facts, reason for which was requested the respective order of apprehension, same that was presented by the Control judge.
«With the collaboration of the secretariat of National defense and intelligence work, the accused were able to locate those who were arrested on the basis of the judicial mandate and presented to the court to resolve their legal status.
«The FGE ratifies its commitment to maintain firm actions that guarantee the application of the law before any fact that violates the security of the Michoacanos».

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