translated from Spanish: Abbott intervenes prosecutor’s Office of Rancagua and delivers the causes of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church to Xavier Armendariz

Began the movement of documents which was decreed then that The national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, decided to remove the investigations of the Regional prosecutor’s Office of O’Higgins-in charge of the suspended Emiliano Arias-and transfer it to the Metropolitan Prosecutor Central Norte Xavier Armendáriz.
According to Mercury, it is eighty nine investigative folders and evidence of sexual abuse caused by members of the Catholic Church and its cover-up. Abbott founded his decision by stating that «attended to the nature, complexity, severity and extent of the research background, as well as the need to perform errands and operate in various regions of the country, and to maintain the reasons that have Based on the appointment of a regional prosecutor to take charge of individual investigations in the previous recital, it has been estimated necessary to designate the regional prosecutor of the central North Metropolitan region.
Armendáriz will take, among others, the case of the three allegations of abuse against the military chaplain Pedro Quiroz, as well as the cause against the priest Jorge Laplagne, which is linked to the cover-up by church authorities. The complainant points out in his complaint to Francisco Javier Errázuriz, Óscar Muñoz Toledo and Raúl Hasbún as cover-up of the facts.
Add to that the information collected in September 2018 the prosecutor Sergio Moya–today in public struggles with his boss, Arias-when seized the backs of the emails of five religious.
The list of inquiries also includes the Bishops Emeritus Juan Barros, of Osorno, and Gonzalo Duarte of Valparaiso, and the President of the Episcopal Conference and military bishop, Santiago Silva, among several other religious.
All without counting the multiple allegations and statements gathered so far in the dossier.
It is worth mentioning that the change occurs in the midst of the crisis that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has, which today has confronted, summarised and criminally investigated two Marauder of O’Higgins: Emiliano Arias and Sergio Moya.

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