translated from Spanish: Alessandri defends backpack review in National institute: «Bring Me to Justice»

At the center of the controversy has been the mayor of Santiago , Felipe Alessandri, after presenting his initiative that seeks to establish the random review of backpacks of students of the National Institute.
The idea of Alessandri is part of the document presented by himself and contains the «10 urgent measures to return the National Institute to the students.»
Yesterday, the mayor said that the measure is not so invasive because, according to him, «you go to the movies and check the bag in case you carry food. This is a voluntary measure. In the public thoroughfare is made by Carabineros and they have legal support. »
According to Radio Biobío, Felipe Pérez, president of the Student Center of the National Institute, said that this measure determined by the mayor would only exacerbate the internal conflict that lives in the educational enclosure, where he added that they will take actions with the establishment Student.
«I have to propose common sense measures that seek to curb crime and the facts that we are seeing every day. Against that, well, bring me to justice, «Alessandri answered.
The mayor is raining criticism, which was joined by the councillor of the commune Alfredo Morgado, who is concerned about the lightness of the mayor in judicial matters, which added that after sending a document to the Comptroller, there is the possibility of presenting a resource of Protection from the violation of the fundamental guarantees of the students of the National Institute.
Cinema Clarification: We do not review handbags
The example of the mayor of Santiago, saying that in the cinema review handbags, generated various comments on social networks, where the measure was refuted by many moviegoers and even by the same establishments of entertainment.
In the words of Alessandri, well-known movie chains responded that no, it is not part of their politics revisabar handbags in their premises, as stated by the mayor.

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