translated from Spanish: AMLO does not share complaints of Germán Martínez on the IMSS

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he does not share the view of the former director of IMSS, Germán Martínez, and although he regretted his departure from the IMSS said that «fortunately there are very good public servants in the team and we will replace it.»
This Tuesday, Martinez made public his resignation as head of the institute after reporting that Treasury officials have «a pernicious interference» in the operation of the Institute what he said puts at risk the provision of their health services.
«The president of the Government of Mexico proclaimed the end of neoliberalism, but in the IMSS some IRS interferences are of neoliberal essence: saving and more savings, cuts of personnel and more cuts of personnel, and an institutional redesign where it matters more the ‘ Charge ‘ that the ‘ Commission ‘, ‘ said Martinez Cazares in a letter.
Read the full resignation letter here.
López Obrador told reporters when he arrived in Veracruz, that the Ministry of Finance has to participate in all that pertains to Social security, the ISSSTE and the federal government, even if they are decentralized and autonomous agencies.
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«I am very orthodox very respectful of the decisions that Hacienda takes. They have a policy, they have to take care that there is no deficit that is to say that there is no debt that finances are healthy, that is their function and I support that tax policy. »
He denied that health services in the IMSS are being put at risk as the now-director of the IMSS said in his letter.
López Obrador noted that Germán Martínez wanted to have more independence in financial decisions.
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The president said that the IMSS will continue to operate and clarified that there is no break with the senator also by Morena and they were on good terms. «We are free (…) You can’t have anyone by force, you have to work at ease. I don’t share your point of view. »
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