translated from Spanish: Cross between Nora Cárpena and Brenda Asnicar when talking about their romance with Tevez

Brenda Asnicar (27) visited the floor of «incorrect» and crossed with one of its panelists, Nora Cárpena, when talking about his former relationship with the footballer of the Apache, Carlos Tevez. » You were 17 years old, you were a baby, «he threw Nora and reaffirmed:» For me you were Chiquita, he (Tevez) was a big man. How old was he? «,» I don’t remember well, «the actress answered, and the dialogue kept on rising in tone. Nora:-He was a gentleman. Was he already married? Did he have children? Brenda:-Yes, he had and he was already separated. N:-Ah, I already had and he told you that he was separated. But he didn’t live with the woman? B:-don’t know, why don’t you call him and ask him. N:-No, because he lives far away and I get the communication. If you give me the money, I’ll call it. B:-I don’t have any communication either. N:-Well, because I miss that having creatures in the middle. B:-and, I don’t know. What do you think as a woman to ask me this? N:-me as a big woman is that a man is not going to say «I’m separated». B:-you say no? Of the billion people all think the same?

Carlos Tevez and Brenda Asnicar

In the face of Nora’s positive response to this question, Asnicar concluded: «The important thing is that if you feel that this situation was ugly or uncomfortable and I do not. On the contrary, I only have to say nice things. »

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