translated from Spanish: Dead man with several bullet hits, is located on the road Uruapan

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Uruapan, Michoacán.-a dead man who had several bullet hits was found lying on the free road Uruapan-Ziracuaretiro, in the vicinity of the site known as «La Virgencita», where the staff of the Regional prosecutor’s Office of Justice for Investigate the issue, which might be related to the fight between rival criminal cells.
It should be mentioned that the aforementioned roadway has been the scene of at least two more locations of inert bodies with signs of violence in less than 15 days. In the latter case it was said that the deceased is an unidentified person, between 35 and 40 years of age. It was also added that he wore an orange shirt, a navy blue shorts and some huaraches.
Similarly, police officers referred that the deceased had his eyes covered with tape and was also tied with the same material. The unit specialized in the scene of the crime was in charge of the collection of indications and also of testimonies with the objective to undertake the research folder conducive.
The corpse was transferred to the forensic Medical Service for the practice of the respective necropsy and it is hoped that until these facilities the relatives of the aggrieved will arrive to claim their remains. The event unleashed a police device in the area with trips through several gaps, but at the moment there is no report of any apprehension that has to do with this matter.

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