translated from Spanish: Deputy Carter (UDI) Values new protocol for Narcofunerales but thinks it’s “insufficient”

The deputy UDI for the pintess, Álvaro Carter, although worth Or the government’s announcement to generate a protocol for so-called “narcofunerales”, said that this is still “insufficient.”
“I value enormously the effort that the government is making in the face of the tragedy that thousands of people live in our populations week to weeks in front of the narcofunerales that really are the instance of generating terror and even death during their passage; And this protocol aims to generate that which is the protection of the innocents who are in the footsteps of these lamentable burials, “he said. Carter added that “but I sincerely believe that this is the one since we as authorities can deliver to our people.”
The legislator explained that “the problem does not begin in the funerals of the narcos, but that part much earlier with the terror that these subjects impose on our populations, corrupting children and youth, killing people, selling drugs, imposing a law of the jungle in the Communes, taking the populations so the fight against drug trafficking should not start at funerals, but start with the attack much earlier. ”
“That is why we are working with a group of members in a document that reflects reality, the day to day of the people with whom we converse in the streets of La Pintaa or in Puente Alto; That’s because people are desperate and all they want is protection as well as being able to live peacefully, “said Deputy Carter.
“I insist, the protocol is a breakthrough, but it is absolutely insufficient,” said Deputy Álvaro Carter.

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