translated from Spanish: English Prime Minister offers to vote a second referendum of the Brexit

For the first time since the vote on Britain’s departure from the European Union pact, the Conservative Government of British Prime Minister Theresa May opened the door to a second referendum to evaluate the controversial measure of «Brexit» . May pointed out that for the fourth vote of the respective law to the Brexit, scheduled for the beginning of June, it will include the possibility of holding a new popular consultation on EU permanence. With this measure the helmsman of the Government seeks the support of some parliamentarians of the opposition with the objective that the House of Commons ratifies definitively the agreement of the Brexit, which has already been rejected three times. May stated that «I recognize the strong and genuine sentiment in the House on this important issue,» and added that «the government will therefore include in the draft settlement agreement a requirement to vote on whether a second referendum is necessary.» «So legislators who want a second referendum to ratify the agreement, I say: You need a pact and therefore the retirement Bill will make this possible,» May said. May’s «new agreement» includes a «temporary» customs union with the EU, until the next general election in the United Kingdom, as well as guarantees for maintaining labor rights and environmental standards.

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