translated from Spanish: First femicide of the year in Neuquén: she stabbed her four times and hanged herself

Jimena Chodilef, a 25-year-old girl, was killed in four stab wounds by her partner, Jose Gustavo Miloa (39), who after consummating the attack took her life ahorcándose with a rope. The fact took place in the house that both rented in Picún Leufú to 500 (Barrio Huiliches), in the city of Neuquén. Two of the four children who had been in a previous relationship were living in the house. One of them, a 15-year-old teenager, was the one who found the couple’s bodies and immediately alerted the police to what happened. 

Picún Leufú Al 500 (Barrio Huiliches), City of Neuquén.

The autopsy confirmed that the young woman (native of the Rionegrina locality of Dina Huapi) victim of a femicide received four accurate puntazos in the cardiac zone: The body had cuts in the neck, wounds to the heart and bruises. Prosecutor Eugenia Titanti took action on the case. He said that there were no «previous allegations of violence», although he confirmed that an investigation will be conducted to determine the link between Chodilef and Miloa.

This is the first femicide occurred in what goes from 2019 in Neuquén, a province that was moved last year, among other cases, by the double crime of a mother and her daughter, 11 years, in February 2018, in the locality of the sheep. Lorenzo Muñoz , the murderer of Karina Apablaza, 31, and her daughter Valentina, was found dead 23 days after the crime in a vacant area. It was reported that he had taken his life several days before the discovery. In this note:

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