translated from Spanish: Gender-based violence causes lower productivity and development

Members of the panel «successful Women», which was presented at the National Convention of Industrialists 2019 of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), called on companies to impulse and generate the necessary conditions To establish gender parity.
Agueda Gon, director of Her Safe Place, an organization that provides a distinctive certification of safe environments for women, explained that when companies are given cases of violence against women, many business costs are generated.
«How do companies affect violence against women? These are business costs, when living situations of violence productivity decreases, not only the person attacked, but also the aggressor and witnesses. »

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He also said that gender equality is an issue of development effectiveness, not just a matter of being politically correct or of kindness to women.
In view of this, he proposed that companies could «promote and favour mechanisms, protocols and policies of care and zero tolerance for violence against women».
Also, to promote safe spaces for women, that is to say, «places with security and protection with policies of zero tolerance to violence against women through protocols and mechanisms of action to address and prevent risks».
At the time, Alina Hernández Aguilar, director of corporate affairs of Pepsico Mexico, said that there are important challenges in the country and that it is urgent to confront them decisively.
«We are the penultimate country in the OECD in terms of women’s participation in the economy. Women hardly have access to the latest levels of education, even those women with university studies, masters or doctorates are less likely to have access to economic life. »
However, «since they managed to enter economic life or have a professional life, the chances of them having an equally successful career that their fellow men are minimal. This is a challenge we are facing in Pepsico. »
Hernández Aguilar also considered that gender inequality is still due in much to a matter of cultural order.
«The population still believes that if women participate in economic life they go to the detriment of their own families, or that if women have careers they are detrimental to the success of their partners.»
For his part, Martha Garay, a federal deputy, recalled that the eradication of all forms of Discrimination against women is a capital aspiration of the international community.
He said that the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Convention of Belém do Pará established the right of women to a life free of violence and the need to strengthen international cooperation in the Development of mechanisms, policies, programmes and plans to prevent, punish and eradicate Violence against women.
«In Mexico,» said the legislator, «discrimination and violence against women is manifested in all areas and is exercised in many different ways. In everyday life, this vulnerability is multiplied by adding conditions such as women with disabilities, indigenous women, older adult women, etc. »
Thus, «eradicating discrimination is a cultural issue, and in order to do so it is necessary to empower women.»
In the panel of «Successful women» of the National Convention of Industrialists also participated Jolynn Vallejo, director of Latin SF, an initiative aimed at helping Latin American companies and organizations to have a presence in San Francisco, California.
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