translated from Spanish: Huawei denies that the US ban affects the deployment of 5G networks

Beijing.-The founder and executive president of Chinese technological giant Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, today denied that U.S. restrictions on its products and supplies affect the deployment of 5G technology, in which the firm said, outpaces in «two or three years S «to your competitors. In an interview with the Chinese state media, Ren asserted that the decision of some American technology companies not to furnish Huawei «does not mean too much» and stated that the company was ready to deal with that restriction .» We can make chips as good as American companies do, although that doesn’t mean we won’t buy chips from them, «the executive said. The founder of Huawei acknowledged that the clash with the United States was «inevitable,» owing to the Asian company’s interest in building up as one of the world’s leading 5G technology, a sector where it already outpaces in «two or three years» to its competitors.

«In our business (the 5G networks), Huawei is at the forefront, although in comparison between countries we are still a long way from the United States,» he added. He also said that his company «will not exclude» supplies from the United States and that Huawei is «very grateful to American companies», including the IBM technology. We should grow together, but if we have a supply shortage we already have a ‘ backup ‘. In «Peace period,» half of our chips come from American companies and the other half from Huawei. We cannot be isolated from the rest of the world, «Ren said. Asked how long the crisis will last around Huawei, the executive pointed out that the issue should be raised directly to US President Donald Trump.» Responsibility should be directed toward US politicians, not their businesses, «he said. These statements occur after the U.S. Department of Commerce on Monday issued a 90-day license that raises during that period the veto to Huawei and its subsidiaries to prepare for a transition without the giant’s presence Chinese technology. U.S. Trade secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement that the license issued by his department «gives operators time to take action.» The U.S. government included last week Huawei in a list of companies and people who veto access to American technology. As a result of this veto, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has withdrawn licenses to Huawei products, which will not come with Google Play, which means de facto the inability to access all applications designed for Android that are not in Open source. In response, the Chinese technology promised Monday that it will continue to provide updates and after-sales services to all of its equipment, both «to those already sold as well as those still in storage», and will continue to build an «ecosystem of Safe and sustainable software «for all of your usuariosPese that the Alphabet veto is the most immediately perceptible to the user and that has caused more media hype, six American electronic component manufacturers and one German have also announced that they break trade relations with Huawei. The U.S. processors companies Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom, the German Infineon Technologies and the American Micron Technology and Western Digital memory chip manufacturers will stop Supply Huawei also in fulfillment of Trump’s order, which could delay the adoption plans of the 5G network worldwide.

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