translated from Spanish: Liabilities in case of swaps | THE DEBATE

The internal Control body of the town hall of Ahome found elements of the alleged responsibility of the former mayor Arturo Duarte García and the members of the Cabildo who led in the irregular authorization of the exchange of green areas for a land with the Constr Uctora Mezta. The administrative procedure is about to end, since only the appearance of the involved ones is left to give the resolution and the sanction to each one of the 21 public exservers. The conclusion is not alien to the ahomenses because they are clear since the case was aired that the then aldermen approved the swap by slogan. That’s to say the least. The downside is that the matter is being resolved formally after more than three years of that decision, which opens the possibility that that has already been prescribed. The case proves once again that when it comes to fighting the wrong decisions of their rulers, the institutions walk slow, giving them the opportunity to circumvent the alleged responsibilities. Moreover, that nothing can be done in the substantive: to return the green areas to the residents of the divisions because they are already built houses or in the process of building.

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