translated from Spanish: Menotti flattered to Messi: «Add to the four biggest in history»

Since assuming, César Luis Menotti always appeared at a press conference and tried to be clear with his concepts. He did not marry Lionel Scaloni, but gives him his back, insists on the amount of training and also talks about the varlor of dressing the Argentine T-shirt. Now also, he adds the advance of his first encounter with Lionel Messi. Focused on the America’s Cup, the «skinny» is clear in several respects and stressed that the decisions of the coach should be valued more, as for the list presented and criticize only the Issues linked to the Fútbolisticos. Yes, he called the unit to be able to strengthen the team and added the fans.

#SelecciónMayor Menotti ️: «I am optimistic as always and I am accompanying. We who have lived in the national team know very well that the selections are not definitive from the beginning. This doesn’t close anyone’s doors. » — Argentine national team (@Argentina)
May 21, 2019

«Argentina and Brazil are always among the candidates. Welcome is that the world recognizes us as candidates, but the reality is that we live: we are in search of that title. Let’s do the impossible to reach that place of candidates. The teams are appearing as the trials determine, «he declared. After several questions about surprises and absences, Menotti supported Scaloni’s decision on the 23 names that will accompany him, and left a message to all the media about the role in this type of situation.
«I do not make any such a case for Messi or Di María. Every time the coach decides a player, he doesn’t sleep. The trainer feeds and destroys dreams, but every decision destroys a dream of a kid watching the list thinking he appeared and is not. It’s your responsibility and journalism has to be respectful, but as for the players ‘ debate it bothers me. You don’t know what it’s like to leave a kid outside, it doesn’t bother us. They don’t understand how hard it is. » On the other hand, he talked about his role, goals and illusions for America’s Cup. «I’m with every dream as if I was 20 years old. With the dreams that we can enjoy and the time that the coach, which are not many, reach to develop the idea of the coach. We’re going to accompany the technicians. » Lionel Messi-César Luis Menotti, an encounter closer and closer
«I don’t think there’s a guy who dreams of being happier than Messi of winning a title with the Argentine team. I don’t know Messi, I never talked to him, but my specialty is football players. If you ask Messi, if you choose the World Cup or champions do you think you will tell the champions? » Happy to meet you, especially for what it means in the representation of our history. Someone who adds to the four biggest in this story: Di Stéfano, Pele, Cruyff and Maradona. » Very happy that you are here and that you have the recovery times, with the assurance that you are happy, that you are in Argentina. It doesn’t cost him anything to say no and if he’s here, it’s because he’s happy and he’ll bring everything he can, with the risks of all the players. » Lionel Scaloni, «in evaluation… Like all »
«When I said what I said, it’s because there’s a contract. The renewal will be the topic that will be treated in the corresponding time. I am surrounded by people who have four world, figures in the world…. I’m very happy. I’m talking to people who are analyzing all day and being able to help the general manager, who is Scaloni. What I said is for the time. He, me and we’re all on evaluation, he didn’t sign a contract for 40 años»Objetivo Copa America: Rematch values 
«There has to be a message to assess the representativeness of a football player who plays in the selection and is linked to the story. The player who goes to the selection has no idea what he wins. It’s another world. I think fortifying is not about people not enjoying, and not having anger, but fortifying the relationship. Insist until the team represents them. » I am convinced that the selection has to go around Argentina much more than it does and Tapia thinks the same, but I would not be here. I think it was cruel to sell the team to play anywhere. We want that when you redo the calendars, the selection has the Times necesarios»En this note:

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