translated from Spanish: Sony bets on the games, the music and the cinema in «streaming»

A new game console that will allow you to play «uninterruptedly and from anywhere» and to enhance the «streaming» music and film services are Sony’s main bets within its annual strategy, presented today in Tokio.La multinational technology Japanese showed the master lines of its business plan for 2019-2020, in which video games will play a central role in dealing with the sector of the company that most invoice and contributed most to the record profit achieved in 2018. The Japanese giant sees in the boom of the Servis CIOs of «streaming» the opportunity to expand their business of games and distribution music and audiovisual, and underpin their transformation from an electronic manufacturer to one of the leading providers of content worldwide. Its President and CEO, Kenichio Yoshida, said that the video game area «is the model to follow» for the company as a whole, and stressed that its raison d’être has always been «to entertain and excite its customers.» At a press conference held in Tokyo, Yoshida extolled the success of the PlayStation 4 game console-launched in 2013 and of which Sony expects to reach this year the 100 million units sold-, and although he said that will continue to develop titles and Services for the same, also unveiled details of which will be his successor.

The CEO noted the main features that will have the expected new generation console from Sony, which until now the company had only confirmed that it was in development phase and some technical data, and whose release date is still unknown. The platform will offer a «total immersion» and «non-stop» gaming experience, based on a «dramatically superior» graphical potential and in a connectivity that allows you to play «from anywhere and anytime,» Yoshida said. During the Presentation event was projected a video of the well-known superhero Spiderman moving among the skyscrapers of a city to show the fluency of graphic processing that will have the new game console compared to the current PS4. The console will be designed for the home but can also be operated remotely from a phone or computer «thanks to the cloud and the 5G data networks», according to the CEO. In addition, Sony will expand the remote Play and PlayStation Now online gaming services available for the current PS4 platform so that «any user can play their titles, have the device or not.» In this context, Sony announced last week an alliance with Microsoft aimed at developing video game services on the Internet, and for which both will combine their strengths: the wide range of games and other contents of the Japanese firm and the advanced American storage and computing platforms.

This agreement comes in the midst of the explosion of the gaming sector in the cloud, and just two months after announcing its entry into the business the Apple and Google giants, with subscription services similar to the Netflix model. Also, the growing popularity of Online music, series and movie reproduction services have caused «a significant increase» in the demand for this type of production and «created new business opportunities», according to Yoshida. In its musical branch, the goal is to «continue to attract Artists that are especially popular in streaming services that allow Sony to maintain as the largest producer and global distributor, which also owns 5% of the popular digital music platform Spotify. In the audiovisual section, the Nippon Corporation » It will look for new collaboration agreements «to place its productions on more platforms after registering in 2018 a fall of its income due to the lower collection by film premieres, according to its maximum manager.

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