translated from Spanish: Specialize in malicious homicide investigation in CDMX

MEXICO City.-To counteract the high rate of homicide malicious, the attorney General of Mexico City initiated five groups specialized in the investigation of homicides malicious in CDMX, which will start a new model of follow-up and I Mplementarán evaluations. The purpose is that the department units of proximity are integrated by investigation police, experts and public ministries, be trained by the prefecture of Police of Paris and the French Embassy, so that this knowledge is put into practice and Expedite the investigations. Investigations will be carried out in the malicious homicides with a different method of investigation that will be applied in the mayors of Cuauhtemoc, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztapalapa, Magdalena Contreras and Tlalpan. The area’s indexes are high, only in April there were 50 Malicious homicides registered.

The authorities hope that these trainings will bring better results in combating impunity for malicious killings.
If this works we will be attacking one of the major problems that are afflicting us that is impunity and when there is impunity are repeated, repeated and repeated the crimes because nothing happens

Said the procurator, Ernestina Godoy in the new method of investigation, the elements that initiated an investigation for intentional homicide, will follow up the capture and imprisonment of the perpetrators.
The attorney Ernestina Godoy, added about the training «that really who has to be in jail, they are, because they brought all the scientific evidence, because we had robust research folders, because we have researchers Researching seriously and well, the experts by reinforcing scientifically and in a very professional way and to our public ministries with all the legal argument that allows those who have to be inside are. » The new model aims to be implemented in 2020 in the 16 municipalities of Mexico City, and have a bimonthly evaluation system, to measure their results and make the necessary changes to the procedure.

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