translated from Spanish: The lowest temperature was recorded in Mendoza

During today’s day, Tuesday, Mendoza felt the dry cold, that seems to cut with rubbing. In Malargüe not only were the low temperatures but an intense snowfall caused the capture of beautiful photos, but also cuts of routes and thousands of users were without electrical service. The combination of waterlogged routes due to accumulation of snow caused the delay in the restoration of the service. Most of the commerce in that department decided not to open its doors, the Directorate General of Schools suspended the dictation of classes, leaving a postcard of film.
The Regional Meteorological Program (PRM) reported the lowest temperatures: Uspallata-3.0 °c, San Carlos 1.5 °c, Malargüe-0.7 °c, Mendoza Observatory 3.4 °c, Mendoza Aero 4.6 °c, San Martín 3.1 °c. And I defined them as “hot temperatures” in relation to what is expected tomorrow. 

The forecast for Wednesday, in Gran Mendoza, indicates declining cloudiness with
Partial frost and temperature rise, northeast winds. Matinal Mists. They improve weather conditions from the afternoon.

Maximum: 12 º C minimum: 2 º C

From the Ministry of Security asked
Maximum precaution for circulation on all provincial routes, since
The roadways are frozen and the fog is abundant in the morning. And they emphasized that route 143 in the section PAREDITAS-SAN RAFAEL will remain CLOSED by the bad meteorological conditions and the route 144 in the section SAN RAFAEL-MALARGÜE, especially Cuesta of the calves to Malargüe and from the Sosneado to San Rafael, are to be CLOSED once Completed vehicular clearance in the area.

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