translated from Spanish: The works are held in the Santa María Dam

Escuinapa.-Almost half A year of fiscal 2019, the resources approved by the budget of expenses of the Federation for the continuity of the construction of the Santa Maria Dam have not been released by the Federal government, which keeps the work stopped, inform Or the local deputy, Édgar González Zataráin. In past days, horticulturists from the area of the Escuinapa Valley said they were living a critical stage with the arrival of the drought season, and even more because of the serious problem that arises in the groundwater mantles with the Freshwater, which increasingly becomes healthier, so they made the urgent call to the Federal government to give continuity to the construction of the Santa Maria Dam and that its irrigation channels benefit this area of the municipality, which produces thousands of tons of hort Alizas for domestic consumption and export. Work stopped
In an interview, the local deputy for the District 24 of El Rosario and Escuinapa reported that he is aware of the serious problem experienced by horticulturists, as they have had an approach to raise the need for water for the valley.

He explained that the status of the Santa María Dam is currently stopped because the resources to exercise in 2019, which is 250 million of pesos, of which 150 million are owed to the ICA company, the one in charge of carrying out this hydraulic work, have not been liberated. The remaining 100 million would be to resume work and seek to give continuity to the management for the Federation to allocate 250 million pesos more for this year. ” The work of the Santa María Dam stands Still, since the 250 million of pesos that were approved in the budget of 2019 have not been released, so we were informed in a meeting we had in the municipality of El Rosario with State authorities , the mayors of Escuinapa and El Rosario, the ICA company, which is responsible for this work, with the International Coordinating Committee Baluarte-Presidio, Conagua, Semarnat, Pro-curatorial, Cobalpre and community of Santa Maria, “he explained.

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