translated from Spanish: Thieves kill a man who had just left the bank in Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.-The afternoon of this Tuesday criminals murdered a man who had just withdrawn a considerable amount of money from a bank in the stadium of the city of Morelia Michoacan.
The criminals snatched his purse from a woman who accompanied the offended, because they believed that the money was there, however it was not, the number was taken by the victim elsewhere, mentioned official contacts.

The event was this Tuesday. The affected withdrew 50000 pesos in cash from a bank that is in the commercial complex of Plaza Stadium, located in this city. He then climbed to a truck of his own, which is of the Ford brand, blue, and went to the new Torreon Avenue. The man was with a lady.
The survivors followed the aggrieved closely, travelling on a motorbike and a black Chevy-type car. At the height of the street Francisco Antonio Elorriaga, in front of the elementary school Isaac Arriaga in the Colony Torreón Nuevo, the thugs intercepted the affected one, had him and the lady and she took away his purse.

In the midst of the foregoing, the thieves repeatedly shot the citizen and fled on an unknown course. In front of the report of the assassination the Motopatrulleros of the Michoacán police arrived at the site, as well as the police of Morelia. The agents made several tours, but there were no positive results about arrests.
Voices close to the subject said to this wording that by stealing the bag of women the miscreants thought they had stolen the money that the affected had withdrawn from the bank, but it was not: the cash was safe.
The specialized unit at the crime scene took the baton of the investigations in coordination with the homicide unit. During the proceedings the deceased was identified by his loved ones as Santiago P., 64 years old.

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